One Dream Goal Achieved!

When I set about publishing the “TwoloveBirds and the Festival of Yule Coloring Book“, I knew I had to set a goal. If I didn’t, no amount of success would be enough. If I did, I would clearly know if I succeeded or not. And guess what? I succeeded!

So I drew this happy birdie, just to show how happy I was πŸ™‚ ❀


Because, really, being a paid author is such a dream of mine that selling even a small amount of my books is a true win. It’s the first step in what I hope is a shining career/life passion. So thank you so much to everyone who bought a coloring book – you helped make my dream come true this holiday season ❀

And the cherry on the sundae, of course, is everyone else who went and bought copies of my novel “A Tale of Two Queens”. Seriously? Things could not be more awesome. I have the best online friends/support base ever. So grateful for all of you.

And of course, if you buy a copy of the Tale of Two Queens, don’t forget to contact me for your goodie! So far I haven’t received any contacts! So drop me a comment somewhere if you did try, and at worst contact me straight atΒ πŸ™‚

Lots of love!

My Coloring Book is OUT!

It is! My coloring book is officially ready to be colored in, courtesy of Amazon and coffee (haha!).

This cute lil coloring book features 25 pagan pictures celebrating the season of Yule. They are printed on only one side of each page, so that there won’t be any bleeding through the paper/smudging of colors.yule snow1.jpeg

I am so so excited for this coloring book, and really appreciate any and all support that you show. Share about it, repost, or even buy a copy for a fellow pagan!

Thank you one and all for your support and encouragement ❀ it means the world to me.

Mental Health Advice from a Buddhist Nun

Hey everyone! I haven’t been active lately, at all. I’ve been very busy taking care of myself and living life, which, is apparently full of stressful appointments.

But one lovely thing happened this weekend. I met a Buddhist nun for advice regarding meditation and my mental health/illness.

And you know what? She was just so nice and kind and logical. When I brought up my hallucinations, she advised focusing on the reality, not on the hallucination. A thing that, I think, would help reinforce reality instead of the hallucination. And really, why did no one ever mention this to me before?

It was so counter to all the advice I had ever gotten from the esoteric crowd. Instead of telling me to indulge in the hallucination, to go deeper into it, to try and find its meaning, it was rather to focus on reality. Wow. For me, that was ground breaking.

Furthermore, she advised me to lay off psychic activities until I feel better. Another thing that esoteric people won’t tell you to do: lay off the psychic. Wow!

Honestly, it was just so nice and refreshing to be told these things, because they felt true and they resonated so much with me. They didn’t feel dopey or about self-inflation. Rather, it was all just so logical (that was my one biggest impression of her. Logic and kindness.).

So yes, that was my lovely encounter this weekend. Other than that I’ve been working on the next birdie coloring book and haven’t been writing one bit at all. I’ve been knitting, working on Christmas gifts, and they haven’t been coming out totally well, haha. One sock was just so small I had to undo the whole thing. But I’m trying.

So anyways, hopefully I will find more time soon to keep writing and posting! Lots of love to you all, and I wish you the very best. ❀


Feeling Smug Despite it All

If you can see that picture, you know how I feel. Smug.

Let me recap what has made me unusually silent these last few days. I had a very large activity planned this last weekend, and it… flopped. Belly flopped. And not just that, but it wrecked me anxiety wise for the mast few days, and I’m still feeling the repercussions from it.

So why am I smug? Because I’ve persisted. I took the flop as a kick in the butt, got organized, bit a bullet, and am now on the road to doing something magical. Something that, if I succeed, will be a local sensation and it’ll be worth all the weird crap that the locals have put me through.

I shit you not, if this pulls through I’m celebrating and doing lots of glamorous posts about it. But for now I’m keeping that project hush hush.

So my point? Don’t let failure get you down. Be like a cat. Just keep on, and be smug that you did. The haters can’t keep you down.