Authortube? Why not?

In the vain hopes of becoming a YouTube star, haha, I’ve now stuck myself up on YouTube in video format!

There, I will be… doing pretty much what I do on this blog, but in video format. That is, ranting. About things. Like my books, writing, and books.

I really hope to get better at making videos, so I’d love some feedback! Also ask me questions about me (keep it classy) or my writing (bonus points if it’s about Kyrie’s story aka the one I’m posting online for freeee) and I’d be so happy to answer them!

And yeah, if I look tired… I am! But hmmm maybe I’ll do some nice makeup for the next one? Who knows!

Anyways, I wish you all the very best ❤ Take care!

Hey everyone!

I just noticed that there is, indeed, more people on this blog thanks to a shoutout I did to the trans community. That warms my little heart. I love meeting members of the trans community, and I really love sharing my stories with everyone. It makes me smile like a goof whenever I get a comment, like, or a post share. I’ve spent most of my life being very lonely, and writing is my great passion, and so when you smack meeting people and sharing about my novels together, I get super happy! My writing is so close to my heart, it’s hard to put into words. I put a ridiculous amount of thought and meaning into every detail (except for maybe curtains haha) and even when I ‘wing it’, the story bears a lot of meaning for me. So feel free to chat! I’m dropping a summary of where and how to find me online here, for anyone who is curious/interested and wants to get to know me more.

Really, feel free to talk to me, I don’t bite and again, love to discuss my writing. Also, I’m on the lookout for beta readers, so if that interests you, let me know (preferably on facebook so that I don’t lose your message)! Finally, if you like my writing but are too broke to buy the novels I’ve put up on smashwords for sale (and those I will eventually put for sale on amazon), I can send them to you ~ on condition. The condition is that I really would like something in return, like a fanart, an interpretive essay, or something. I like seeing how others see my work, and knowing how much they liked it. Also, I’ve always dreamed of getting fanart so it would be a check on my bucket list! If this does happen, unless you really don’t want it shared, I’ll be posting it to my blog for all to see, which brings me to my final point -> if you are a trans artist of any kind and want to collab, hit me up! Even if you don’t want to collab and just want a shoutout of some kind, I’m glad to help out a fellow trans sibling.

Trans Birdie Loves You All!!!

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The Freak Leads! ~ Thoughts on Leading as a Disabled Queer Person

Well hello. As some of you know, I”m mentally disabled. I’m also a survivor of domestic abuse and am very lucky to be where I am right now, mentally and physically.  I am also queer in the sense that even though I am trans, I manifest as a more femme man. Basically, as my wife and sister say, I’m a gay man who loves doing drag.

And here I am, trying to build community. Dreaming up a monastery for pagans. Leading rituals. Having my ideas stolen (yep) by greedy w(b)itches who want to make money out of copying my fund-raising charity events.  And generally, I plod along. My dream is my vocation, and I will do it.

But the other day, I hosted a BOS write-in (which became more of a chat-in) and noticed what strong personalities I had as my administration (because yes, I have a dedicated team of admins who support me). I fleetingly thought that wow, I am surrounded by the type of people that I would normally look up to so much. And then – WHAM! – I realized that I was the leader of these amazing people. That these strong, confident, and competent people must see something in me to be willing to follow me.

Well, aside from being an ego-boost, this moment taught me that there must be something in me that I’m not seeing. Some strength, some quality that others find worth following. And right now, as I write this, I’m thinking that maybe it’s not in spite of me being the freak, it’s because I’m the freak.

Maybe the reason transgender people are so often seen as leaders and sacred whatnots and ultimately special is because we dare. We’ve crossed such large and taboo barriers that we grow confidence in just not giving a fuck. Maybe the reason the disabled are leaders too is because we learn strength and resilience in overcoming our own selves. And maybe it’s the same for survivors of domestic abuse – who can read the invisible language of abuse far easier than others.

Maybe it’s all these qualities, shunned by society and shamed, that make me a leader are wiling to follow. My point is not that I bear a crystal gem within myself that irradiates my followers with enlightenment. It’s quite the opposite, it’s not so much about me as what has shaped me, and given me the strength and tools to inspire, dream, and lead. I’m probably just as special as the next person, but I’ve learnt from these adverse experiences and used them to become unique qualities and strengths.

I think, if I was to summarize, paganism needs  us freaks to step forward and dare to dream. We freaks are the leaders, not despite of our freakiness, but because of it, smashing down borders and getting all up in people’s business.

So dare people. Be Freaky!


I just wanted to post a little update for y’all here that’s a little personal. As some of you know, I have begun taking testosterone as part of my transition from perceivable female to male (ftm).

Now, just so you know, it’s only been a week. But, building up to this I was haunted by relatives who were worried that my mental health would fall apart, that I would regret my decision, and that it would basically give me cancer. Even my psychiatrist was worried I would get mood swings, and all online sources pointed towards this.

Well, I guess I’m the exception. For this week has just been amazing! Every day has been a good day! I’ve woken up energized, exercised for five days straight in a row, read favourite books, and started watching my food intake. Short story: I feel great mentally.

From the day of, my mental health has improved drastically. I’ve been energized about life, enthusiastic, had better bounce-back (recuperation time?) from my anxious episodes, and overall feel great! I’ve even started playing guitar again!

I like to think that this is because my body was missing out on testosterone, knowing that it needed it all these years and now that I have it things are finally getting recalibrated properly!

On the other hand, I think it’s also totally possible that its purely psychological, and that I am subconsciously just this excited to be finally emerging as my true self.

The point it: it’s positive! And I know I may totally be the exception in that I’ve had no mood swings or negative results yet, but I couldn’t be happier.


Farfa-What? Farfadel, ladies and gentlemen. It is a land of wondrous beauty, a land of happiness and joy. It is a place that, in the depths of my own despair, I concocted up.

Yep, a few years ago I was in the worst stretch of my mental health. Determined to keep writing, I concocted Farfadel. A happy, fearless, and harmless world where nothing bad happens and shenanigans abound. It was meant to be readable for all, a gentle balm for those suffering from anxiety and depression, for I was at the point that I couldn’t read anymore because the anxiety was so bad.

So what about it? Well, like so many good creative things, it has become an addiction of sorts. One novel spawned another, and another, and another. Two are finished, and many, many, more unfinished. I love writing Farfadel, I love the harmlessness of it, the joy and freedom for silliness.

But what does this have to do with you? Well, dear readers, I need your input. You see, I lose motivation swiftly. I feel like none of this matters to anyone but myself. So I would love if you would read some of my stories and share your thoughts with me. I will share as much as I can for FREEEEE (I love free stuff), and will sell others. For the moment though, I would really just love input and feedback. What do you like? What made you laugh? Did I misspell something? Share with me!

For now, the novel will be published on this website, under the heading ‘Of Adelaide and Shadow (A Tentative Title)’, or you can follow this link HERE to find it.