Hey everyone!

I just noticed that there is, indeed, more people on this blog thanks to a shoutout I did to the trans community. That warms my little heart. I love meeting members of the trans community, and I really love sharing my stories with everyone. It makes me smile like a goof whenever I get a comment, like, or a post share. I’ve spent most of my life being very lonely, and writing is my great passion, and so when you smack meeting people and sharing about my novels together, I get super happy! My writing is so close to my heart, it’s hard to put into words. I put a ridiculous amount of thought and meaning into every detail (except for maybe curtains haha) and even when I ‘wing it’, the story bears a lot of meaning for me. So feel free to chat! I’m dropping a summary of where and how to find me online here, for anyone who is curious/interested and wants to get to know me more.

Really, feel free to talk to me, I don’t bite and again, love to discuss my writing. Also, I’m on the lookout for beta readers, so if that interests you, let me know (preferably on facebook so that I don’t lose your message)! Finally, if you like my writing but are too broke to buy the novels I’ve put up on smashwords for sale (and those I will eventually put for sale on amazon), I can send them to you ~ on condition. The condition is that I really would like something in return, like a fanart, an interpretive essay, or something. I like seeing how others see my work, and knowing how much they liked it. Also, I’ve always dreamed of getting fanart so it would be a check on my bucket list! If this does happen, unless you really don’t want it shared, I’ll be posting it to my blog for all to see, which brings me to my final point -> if you are a trans artist of any kind and want to collab, hit me up! Even if you don’t want to collab and just want a shoutout of some kind, I’m glad to help out a fellow trans sibling.

Trans Birdie Loves You All!!!

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What to Do with Dangerous People in our Communities

Do something, for fuck’s sake.

Let’s just start off on that note. I really suggest that if you see someone causing harm in your community, that you up and do something about it. Why? Because if no one ever says anything, what do the people who suffer from their grip have to guide them to a better place? Our words will be that guiding force, hopefully. And, as a side note, if everyone in the community who was disturbed by their actions up and said something, they’d be run out of business, or at least shamed into a bit more silence. Or, if they have no shame in them, there would at least be warning signs for people to be wary of.

Because right now, with no one doing anything and saying nothing, there are NO WARNING SIGNS for ANYONE.

So here, ladies and gentlemen and folks of other natures, is my list encouraging you to do something against these people.

  1. Protect yourself. If you really think this person is unsavory, be ready for unsavory things to happen.
  2. Evaluate if you should talk to them or not. Is it a waste of your energy? Are they clearly aware of what they’re doing? Sometimes it’s just not worth engaging with abusers.  Othertimes, it is.
  3. Spread the word. Be loud and obnoxious about the wrongs happening in your community. Let people know that you disagree with these practices. Go ahead, stir that pot. Be that voice prompting a discussion on the ethics of their actions.
    1. Note: The way they answer to your challenging of them shows their true colors. Prod them. Find out what they’re made of. (Juicy gossip: my supposed priestess flew off her broom handle and had a hissy fit before her students when she learnt I questioned her priestess-hood. Now that shows character.)
  4. Provide alternatives for people to attend. People are going to this person for what? Healing, classes? Search out the safer resources and help set them up for people to have an alternative.
  5. Evaluate the legalities. Is there enough harm being caused that you can bring this to the authorities? Does it warrant a protest? An article in the local newspaper? Think on it!

Am I a “Real Priest”?

I’m going to get this question one day or another from a student. So I like to think that I’m one step ahead of the game by preparing my argument before hand.

Let me take a minute to explain a little bit of the bitterness that may seep into this post. I’ve already been told that others in my entourage are a ‘real’ priestess, insinuating that I was not. I’ve already had said ‘real’ priestess declare to her students that not all who claim to be priests are, and that some just take on the title. Was it a jab at me? Probably. I’m a real threatening person, you know, what with giving hugs and leaving smudges of glitter on people. Seriously?

I’m very threatening, I know. Had I been there I would have told her students not to buy those pricey athames, and  would have argued with her that a silver pentacle will not automatically protect a person/solve all energetic problems and NO, one does not haphazardly include blood and angel names into a Wiccan ritual (WHAT THE FUCK BUT I’M NOT EVEN JOKING PEOPLES). Oh, but I don’t know anything, I’m not initiated.

Really? From a crazy person’s perspective, let me argue you this. Who initiated the first crazy person? Huh? No one did. That’s right, insanity is a gods-given gift/burden. What about priesthood? It’s a gods-given gift/burden. What’s similar in these two situations?

Let’s take a diagnostic test. A mentally ill person is not mentally ill because they get a certificate or were born into a certain lineage. We know they’re ill because they exhibit and experience symptoms of mental illness, often to the point of it crippling their life.

What about a priest/ess? Do they get it from an initiation? Well I guess they could certainly get a fancy piece of paper saying that they are, just like one can get a paper saying they’re ill even if they’re not. Will they necessarily exhibit the symptoms of being a leader, an organizer, and a ritual facilitator because of this paper? I don’t think so.

I am going to argue that a priest/ess will be demarcated by exhibiting the symptoms of being chosen by the gods. Just like a mental illness, it can be developed, or it can just happen in a wham-bam. And just like a mental illness, if people get to know you-they know if you got it or not, no matter what the little papers say.

What are the symptoms? I’m going to argue that it will be summed up in integrity, passion for the cause, and good character. This of course will vary from place to place and what-have-you’s, as every situation will need a different kind of voice. But certainly, an initiation doesnot a priest/ess make. A training does not a priest/ess make. Being chosen by the gods is what makes you, in my humble opinion, and that certainly doesn’t mean that one is better or holier. It simply means they’re the priest/ess. It’s a calling, and that’s that in my opinion.