“My Name is Chaos”: Chapter Two Part Two

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Alright, time to escape. I fingered my pentacle, then bit on it softly. More like a nibble. Not that it mattered. FoxFace had walked out of the interrogation room. I was now alone, staring at the mirror/window through which who knew how many people were observing me. Or maybe no one. Really, my guess was all I had – because I didn’t have a dice to tell me anything. Grump.

Grumps aside, now was me time. Time to shine. I could imagine myself busting out of here like a badass, sword blazing and eyes glowing with magic.

I had a half-ass plan. Aside from just chopping down whatever was in my path – well, I intended to follow the exit signs? Yeah, that was good. This should work.

I bit on the edge of my pentacle again, wishing for my dice. It was a lot easier to start a fight when you knew you would win.

But when had I lost a good fight anyways? I could totally do this.

Except I was taken by surprise when the door opened and FoxFace entered. I jumped. She was flanked by several beefy hulks who fanned out in the room around her. She strode forward, a little device in hand. It unlocked the chains around my wrists and ankles. Whooo, high tech chains.

But now I was free. With a smirk, I straightened. “Come this way,” she said, marching towards the door.

I bolted. Past her, out the door. I nearly ran into the second door. Oh shit! I whirled, fists lifting just as a whirr and thud- and a feather was sticking out of my chest.

“That was funny,” I head FoxFace saying as the world turned black around me.

Alright, alright, this was getting really irritating! I woke up with chains and cuffs on, strapped to a table.

“Fuck I’m sick of this!” I declared as I opened my eyes to glare around. Someone had better let me go or – or… I’d break my vows?

I seethed, wishing I had crossed my fingers or something when I’d vowed not to hurt humans. It was making this mission dangerously jeopardized… by the humans themselves!

I should have bolted and run before getting caught. That was it. Because now? Now I was in a laboratory. Blood-filled tubes came out of my arms. Electrodes were strapped to my chest. Lights glared from everywhere and there was test tubes and microscopes all around.

“It’s awake!” crooned a lanky dude that strolled over, snapping latex gloves on.

“I’ll spit on you if you touch me!” I snapped. That made him stop.

“Is your saliva venomous?” he asked cautiously, adjusting his safety glasses.

I didn’t answer but with a vicious grin. Would he take the risk?

He hummed and strolled away behind me. I twisted and squirmed, but couldn’t see what he was doing. There was a rustle, then he returned. I groaned, rolling my eyes at the hazardous material suit he was now wearing.

“Hello,” he said, waving a hand before my face.

“You look ridiculous!” I snapped.

“But you’re not spitting,” he said happily.

“Arlg!” I tried to kick but was restrained by the bonds. Cursing loudly, I squirmed and threw what basically amounted to a tantrum. He just stood there and watched.

When I was stilled, he said “Hi,” and waved again.

This time I spit. It landed on his helmet. His eyebrows raised. He wiped it off with a cotton swab that he placed in a petri dish on a little side table beside me. No kidding.

“So you speak English, I’ve been told?” he said slowly, now standing at my side.

“No,” I huffed. “I speak engrish.”

He chuckled. “That’s funny. Now,” he stooped to tap at my nose. “I’m going to tell you something. Only once. And if you say the wrong thing, you’re going to have an unfortunate accident in my lab. Got that?”

I blinked. Death? Oh good riddance, that would be humiliating. Hi dad, I’m back! So soon…

Taking my silence as a sort of agreement, he plucked up a syringe from a nearby table. “I’m going to pretend to continue doing my tests as we talk,” he said. “But this is just, uh, hydration for you. So don’t worry.”

I blinked at him as my arm was poked with the needle. “What do you want?”

“I want out,” he said simply. “I’ve, as some would say, gotten in too deep. And when you’re in ‘the bog’, there’s no actual getting out. But I want out. Get it?”

I squinted at him. He smiled. “Want to escape? Or you want to die here, on this table?” He drew the syringe from me and filled it with air. “Want to know what happens when you get air injected into your heart?”

“I don’t know how to get out of here,” I blurted.

“I’ll take you out,” he said. “But you’re taking me with you. You protect me. And we can rescue your boyfriend on the way out too.”

“My boyfriend? He’s eh, not my-” but I was blushing. Dammit!

“We’ll take him,” he said cheerfully, waving that syringe around. “And we can be a team!”

“Yeah, well, I fly solo,” I started.

He laughed. “Yeah you seem real effective at that. Look, I know lots. I got experience in the field. And I have a bag of stuff packed and ready to go that’s real useful. SO you ready my friend?” He picked up another syringe, then another. “Or do I let you wallow in your misery- and then kill you? ‘Cause we all know that’s how this is going to end. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.”

I eyed the syringes. Was I really getting rescued by a mad scientist? “Fine,” I snapped. “But we rescue Thor, and you give me back my stuff.”

“Thor? Your friend?” he asked curiously.

“Doesn’t he look like Thor? From the movies?”

“Well I suppose. I’m not a huge movie person. More of a videogame player, myself,” he said, but he was pressing a button on the side of the table. With a snap my bonds opened. I sat up, and he handed me a bag with ‘caution’ taped all over it. “Here’s your stuff. Get dressed.”

Hastily, I did. It felt so good to have my stuff back! My bracelets, my necklaces, it was my identity! When I turned back around, he had the giant ridiculous suit off and was just in his lab coat and uniform beneath that. Oh, and a military duffel bag with medical patches all over it. He was still holding a syringe in his hand.

“What’s that for?” I asked, squinting at the syringe. It had a huge needle on it.

“For poking people with. Let’s go. We have a fifteen minute window.”