Free Book (If you want it!) & Update

So I had tried to write a post last night, but like my writing it flopped. I just wasn’t able to write anything! So here I am, giving y’all an update.

I’ve been silent lately. I had a shit weekend and spent all of Monday in bed. Yuck. I kind of felt like Chaos, bedridden and miserable and moping (though much less upset/devastated). But all that’s over now. It’s been two days of happy feel-good energy! I’ve been writing, and the stories are coming together (ish) in a cohesive way. Things are good, life is good.

Covid – 19 hasn’t reached my area yet. A relative of mine works in the hospital and they apparently haven’t had any cases of it yet, so fingers crossed. Yes, I am self distancing, but that’s not a huge difference for me, honestly. I LOVE staying at home, you have to understand. When my knitting club and other obligations were cancelled, I was so happy. Now I literally just get to stay home and write. What more could I want?

Now, I’m not saying that quarantine is a cakewalk.  I know that, for many, this is a very upsetting, nevermind maybe disastrous situation. So! Like so many other authors and caring people are doing, let’s try and make the world a little happier in whatever way we can! For me, that means I’ll really try and upkeep Chaos and Kuryo’s story here for all to read. Maybe I’ll also be able to post some fun pictures and line art for coloring!

But, what I especially want to point out is that Kuryo’s first book (the original book behind all this long series) is up for pre-order on Amazon (I can’t remember if I’ve posted it here before). Now, I know that probably most of you are facing financial insecurity because of the virus. Due to this, if you CAN’T PAY FOR THE BOOK, email me at and I will send if to you for FREE.

It’s not a new policy for me, I’ve been saying this for some time. I really want people to read my books and if money is what stands between them and it, then I’ll gladly give the pdf away. Of course I’d love some fanart or a review or something fun in exchange, but I know that not everyone can do that. So really, if you want to read the book but can’t afford it, please tell me. I’d be glad to send it to you.

On the upside, what can you expect to learn from this book? Why should you read it? Well! This book was started two years ago by yours truly, and was also based off several dreams. It features Kuryo, Aaliyah, and Jade, and tells how they know each other and how, really, Kuryo is about to get their powers.

It’s basically the beginning of this saga, to put it bluntly. But, to put it poetically, it is the unwinding of a world and the breaking down of the limits of a mind in order for Kuryo’s power to bloom. I’m really super fond of this story, and really hope y’all will LOVE it.

One tiny (big) note: if (when!) you do read this novel, you’ll realize really fast (like, on page one) that Kuryo is referred to as ‘she’. OMG! What does this mean? Well, for those of you who haven’t been following along closely, Kuryo is transgendered. This novel happens pre-transition, pre-self revelation, and therefore pre-any male pronouns. In this novel, Kuryo self identifies as woman. However, since y’all KNOW that they become a ‘he’ and transition later, I’d love it if y’all could stick to male pronouns for Kuryo, or at least ‘they/them’, out of respect for all peoples who transition.

So, really, I’m SO looking forward to hear what y’all think about this book! It was supposed to come out later but I’ve changed the release date to be for this weekend (hopefully it works). Please please don’t be shy if you can’t afford it and email me at

Please also keep me updated on how y’all are doing! I really hope you’re all doing well and that you will have a great equinox tomorrow. Much love, y’all 🙂



Farfa-What? Farfadel, ladies and gentlemen. It is a land of wondrous beauty, a land of happiness and joy. It is a place that, in the depths of my own despair, I concocted up.

Yep, a few years ago I was in the worst stretch of my mental health. Determined to keep writing, I concocted Farfadel. A happy, fearless, and harmless world where nothing bad happens and shenanigans abound. It was meant to be readable for all, a gentle balm for those suffering from anxiety and depression, for I was at the point that I couldn’t read anymore because the anxiety was so bad.

So what about it? Well, like so many good creative things, it has become an addiction of sorts. One novel spawned another, and another, and another. Two are finished, and many, many, more unfinished. I love writing Farfadel, I love the harmlessness of it, the joy and freedom for silliness.

But what does this have to do with you? Well, dear readers, I need your input. You see, I lose motivation swiftly. I feel like none of this matters to anyone but myself. So I would love if you would read some of my stories and share your thoughts with me. I will share as much as I can for FREEEEE (I love free stuff), and will sell others. For the moment though, I would really just love input and feedback. What do you like? What made you laugh? Did I misspell something? Share with me!

For now, the novel will be published on this website, under the heading ‘Of Adelaide and Shadow (A Tentative Title)’, or you can follow this link HERE to find it.

Chapter One is posted – for FREE!

Yes,  it is! Chapter one of my lgbt trans-centric novel is now up and available in my facebook reading group HERE.

What ho! Terrible shenanigans are appearing! A Frog King has made his way on stage, and fairies have a mischievous plot as to how to get rid of him! Really, just come and read 🙂

farfafrog king edited.jpg

Free Books! (Ish)

Who wants free books? YAYYYY!

Who wants LEGAL free books? OOOOOO!

Who wants all that without having to leave your home? EEEEEE!

Well then, come one, come all, and Join ME! Come and bask in the glory of my fiction writing in my very own reading group.

Yassss, join it. For there, little minion of doom, I will be sharing my writing, my art, and many things more. Join it! And verily, verily, great shafts of light will descend upon you and illuminate your being!

Or maybe not. But hey, it’s free, right?adelaide horse edited

An Author’s Take on Writers

Are we all dumb-fucks or what? Since joining Instagram, I feel like my brain has been flooded with stupidity. Now don’t get me wrong, some indie authors out there are brilliant, and kind, and just plain full of awesome.

But then there’s stupid twigs that go around posting things like “women, when treated properly, are naturally submissive’.

Like, u dumb branch, u ain’t met NONE of the women I know, o-kay?

And then they’re all posting like, hmmm, do you pants or do you plot your novel? And,… that just gets to me. Because, as I have posted on another profile I blog on… I consider writing to be a spiritual process. A book is good if it is alive. If you feel you’re connecting to some alternate dimension and retelling what’s happening there -> that’s a real story.

Am I potentially crazy? Yeah, clinically. But you fuckin’ know what? When I was young, I believed in my novels. That’s what prevented me from committing suicide. So now, I owe a debt to those characters for having kept me alive. In every sense to me, they feel real and alive. I believe they exist in some dimension. Somewhere, out there, I’m telling someone’s story.

Is it literally their story or an allegory? Who knows? One day I read a summary for a Stephen King novel and it so much resembled parts of my childhood that I freaked. That novel was my life (at least in parts and premise). And that’s a thing I’ve always wondered if Stephen King was aware of. Does he realize that he’s writing people’s lives? Or is he not aware of this?

But you know what? I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only met neuro-normative authors on Instagram or what, but authors don’t seem prepared for these kind of conversations. Authors don’t seem willing to deal with writers who wake up inspired from actual sleep dreams with novels in their heads. Authors don’t seem at all ready to cope with the deeper questions of authorship and working with spirits and dreams to form novels. And this really frustrates me.

I get so frustrated about the poor quality of authors and their social justice narratives, their not-so-feminist values, and their terribly lacking esoteric perspectives. Just- where is the depth? This is a group of people that I’m a part of, a group that I’ve long considered to be torch-bearers in a world of darkness and… instead I feel surrounded by clamoring idiots. It’s like expecting a series of wise angels to radiate down and instead you get a medieval mob with torches.

So you know what? Maybe, I dunno, I’ll start this Instagram game over again and find some real people to connect with. Maybe I’ll just blog here for a bit as a relief. But either way, if any of you are curious and want something fun and light to read, hit me up. I got the goods y’all. Contrary to how depressing I can be, I cheer myself up by being a dork. So my writing is a blend of Terry Pratchett and Tolkien as I’ve been told.