DarknessGifts – It’s Up!

So hello y’all! This will be a short post(NOT, haha) – I just wanted to let everyone know that I finally have my etsy shop up. After only, say, five years of thinking about it and prepping materials.


Yep, five years y’all. That’s what happens when you procrastinate haha.

So where is this fabulous shop? Right here

What can you do on this fabulous shop? Well, you can order what you see, but better yet -> you can commission things by contacting me!

Here’s the deal. I sew, embroider, knit, crochet, and bead. What I mainly make is embroidered (or plain) meditation pillows, prayer beads, and altar apparel such as decorative pillows and altar cloths. My knit and crochet projects are a project of their own as all profits (the sum you pay minus the cost of wool) goes to CHASAM-Paws, the lovely service dog foundation that certified my service dog. Minus the embroidery thread and wool (because thrift store wool is hard to come by) all my materials (even the THREAD I sew with!) are thrifted from thrift stores that support women’s shelters and those in need, charity sales, etc. So my items are all (except commissioned knits!) basically recycled goods.

So what does my stuff look like? Well… here goes!

Here’s one of a pair of commissioned knitted gloves.


Here’s a (sold) meditation pillow:


And here’s a prayer bead among the many available: blue stone 1.JPG

and here’s my sexy oooh la la altar cloth/pendulumcloth/tarot cloth. Check out this sexy pose.

altar 2.JPG

There are many more items to come, as I’ve only posted some of what I have so far. But that’s the gist, folks!

Got any ideas for things you’d like to see in the shop? Let me know in the comments!

Building Our Own Empire

Well, remember how the other day I was all ‘Fuck Youuu’ to the world and all about building our own empires a la Luciferian inspiration? Well! I received what felt like another punch in the gut the other day – and am using that momentum to turn around and keep going instead of falling on my butt and crying.

What happened? *gasp!*

Well, here’s the thing. I knit. I craft. I was hoping to use the funds from that to help donate money to Lightning’s service dog foundation, Chasam – Paws. And things were going good. A local store popped open that was more than willing to host my items, and all was well.

And then this weekend the lady returned ALL of them to me. ALL. Why? Well, I’m assuming my items were too pagan-ish for a gift shop, and she said she couldn’t sell my knitted items because of the few bits of fur in them. UGH. I live with a dog. Good luck keeping the tiniest amount of fur off anything.

So, what’s a good ol’ Luciferian to do? No, no, aside from screaming ‘fuck you’ to the world? Keep on going, that’s what!

So, Ladies and Gentlemen! I Present To You! My future Etsy shop! Ta Ta Dam!

Soon, hopefully this week, just in time for Yule, you will be able to shop from DarknessGifts (not yet opened) and buy some truly beautiful items such as prayer beads, beautiful pouches, meditation pillows (hand embroidered or not), decorative pillows (hand embroidered), tarot cloths andĀ  altar cloths (all hand embroidered!). Furthermore, there will be knits whose funds will go 100% towards Chasam-Paws! Also, 100% of the fabric and wool is bought at local thrift stores (one of which supports a local women’s shelter) and charity events (refugee sponsorship sales, etc). Even some of the embroidery thread (not all) is recycled.

I feel like a walking eco- advertisement, haha. But I really do care about the environment, y’all, and I really do want to sell high-quality recycled and positive items.

Are you interested in seeing what I’m making? Got any requests/ideas for thingsĀ  you’d like to see in the store? Drop a comment and let me know!