COVID – 19 and Spiritual Change for the Environment

I’ve heard lots of talk about how we can use this pandemic as a turning point for the ecology and ourselves. So why don’t we? Instead of just sitting around and saying ‘yeah, we could change’ why don’t we sit around and come up with actual ways to make that change? I’d like to challenge all my blogger friends, indeed, anyone who reads this, to start thinking up ways that they can use this pandemic as a springing board for more change in their lives.

Now, there are two ways we can move forward: as individuals and as a group.

Of course, if everyone individually does enact change, then that will have the same result as a group doing it. However, there’s higher chance of the change being long-term and permanent if the change is done as a group with encouragement and group goals and maybe even group rewards.

Because of that, I’d like to challenge people to come up with both individual and group goals and ideas. I’ll show you what I mean by going first.

So, group goals:

It would be awesome if we created groups for spiritual and conscious change where we motivated each other to drive less, stay at home more, and opt for more eco-friendly options in our lives. And I meant it when I said ‘rewards’. I love rewards. I love crafting. I love getting goodies. I think it would be epic if, in these groups, people would hand out gifts to each other for markers of success.

Say the group came up with the idea of making their towns more garden-friendly. They could start a letter campaign for these groups and individuals could send ‘gifts’ to those who wrote letters for the campaign. It could be miniature incense bundles. It could be coupons for their etsy stores (see? Promotion and gifts at the same time!). Or maybe the group could make deals with gardeners to hand out samples of, say, cherry tomatoes to anyone who shows up and shows their letter on a specific day at an event. Personally, getting positive rewards for doing conscious change would really motivate me. Yeah, maybe it’s materialistic, but I love gifts and goodies. Plus, it really could be paired up with small businesses for promotions. Just saying.

So suppose, in this ideal world, that there are people who want to enact change. What sort of things can these groups mobilize for?

  • Native issues.
    • I’mma say this only once, so listen up. Native issues are human rights and we ought to be respecting them. For us pagans, they ought to be like our fellow spiritual siblings. There’s tons of pagans who believe in or borrow from native practices. We live on stolen land. So come on, people! Listen to them and respect them a bit. Help them out.
  • Letter writing campaigns.
    • Okay, this is super easy and disabled-person friendly. It just takes some time and a pen and paper, and often costs no postage (at least here in Canada).
    • The ideal would be if one person writes a letter model and then the rest of the group fills it in with their concern. Even easier!
  • Planning, Accountability and encouragement.
    • Suppose that, as a group, people could set up a step by step ‘becoming eco friendly’ plan that people can follow one step at a time. Say, step one: bringing your own silverware or reusable coffee mug around. I think this would help people out because it would give them a direct path on how to enact change, and due to the group setting, would allow them to feel validated and encouraged by their efforts. Again, people could reward each other!
  • Online seed-swaps
    • I’m pretty surprised I haven’t stumbled across such a thing already. I mean, seeds must be cheap to ship locally, or even within the same country. It would just require some sort of online group setting. A blog party mayhaps?
  • Prayer/ritual circles for environmental issues
    • the idea here would be to start a chain of prayers or rituals for, say, 24 hours or for a specific period of change. A great thing would be to pair these up with actual physical effort, such as a letter writing campaign, or social media campaign.
  • Social media campaign
    • Suppose people want to encourage each other and people beyond the group to, say, bring reusable coffee mugs wherever they go. They could set up a virtual photo challenge to do this.


Alright, that’s all great and dandy. Suppose however, that no one wants to form groups. What then?

Well, individually there’s still lots we can do. Let’s delve into that.

  • Start a garden
    • hey, I’m a terrible gardener and I can tell you that, even with my not so green thumb, lettuce can grow indoors. Plants can be pretty determined to survive, you know.
  • Support a farmer. Say you’re disabled and cannot grow anything at all. Then pick a local farmer and pay them instead of a big corporation.
  • Work less, especially outside of home.
  • Try and use social commuting.
  • Use Divacups and eco friendly hygienic products.
  • Use reusable mugs.
  • Pray for change for the environment.
  • Commune with your spirits on how you can bring about change for the environment.
  • Make it a part of your spiritual practice to perform rituals/prayer sessions for the environment.
  • Do land healing work, if you can (there’s some great ones out there!).
  • Write letters to your local government about environmental issues.

So that’s that, folks. I’m not a guru, I’m not a genius, but I think that if enough of us put our brains to this, we could get some sort of a ball rolling. And really, even just starting to talk about how to change is a great start. We need to start somewhere. So really, I’m throwing this challenge out there. Let’s start a conversation on how we can move forward from this pandemic, stronger, more united, and more environmentally healthy!

I’m tagging these brilliant bloggers in no particular order because, really, I’d love to read their thoughts on how we can move forward. There’s plenty more I’d love to hear from, but I can’t remember everyone’s names off the top of my head nor find everyone in the search bar. Grump. So please, if you read this, comment and share your ideas! Do your own post!



Nimue Brown.




And I’m sticking sprout pictures here to motivate people to ‘sprout’/start new ideas!

Anxiety tips for COVID 19, Spiritually Speaking

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What with the sudden influx of people checking out my mental illness posts, I took a wild guess that people were reaching out for help. So, behold! I’ve decided to put together some self-help tips that try and take into consideration our limitations due to the pandemic. I mainly focused upon anxiety and worry, as it seems that’s what most people are dealing with in these trying times.

  • smudge/burn incense that is purifying and banishing of all negative energy. I am particularly prone to burning cinnamon (yes, the spice). Just pile it into a little pyramid (no bigger than an inch tall or wide, otherwise it might be too much heat for your holder), and light with a match.
  • Do a guided meditation (like this one) where you visualize yourself giving up all your worries to your favorite spirit.
    • Sit down comfortably. Close your eyes and relax. Or cry a little bit, that’s okay too. But whatever you do, relax and let your emotions come bubbling up to the surface. Feel them, hold them. Place your hands on your chest and try and, stretching your hands forward, visualize yourself taking these worries as tangible objects out of your chest and holding them out. Now, pray to a healing deity (my thoughts go to Bast or Sekhmet for this one). Ask them to take your worries away, to heal them and guide you through this pandemic safely.
      • The prayer can go something lie “I pray to you, O Great Sekhmet. Here are my worries, my inner plague. Please erase them from me, leaving me wiser and calmer. Let me, by your guiding grace, pass through this pandemic unharmed.”
    • After this, clap your hands and dust them off away from yourself. They are now empty and your worries are symbolically gone. Rest, focusing on feelings of rejuvenation and calmness.
  • Paint a Dagaz rune on your scarf/mask to help keep the virus out. You can use consecrated water to trace it invisibly as well.
  • Meditate on ice, Isa rune, to calm down and help you reach stillness. Visualize the rune in your chest, wherever you feel your worry the most. Breathe it in and feel it filling you, swelling and cooling down your worry. Exhale and feel it absorbing your worries and transforming them into cold calm.
  • Write down on a piece of paper a list of all things that are worrying you about this pandemic. Light a candle to Sekhmet or your favorite deity (simply say “I devote this candle to ___, to function as a channel of true speech between us” as you light it, or use your favorite invocation), and light the paper with the candle. Allow it to burn as you pray for her powers to destroy not only your worries but all harm that may come to you through this pandemic.
    • Prayer could go something like this. “O Great Sekhmet, here is a list of all that worries me, all that I fear. Please, with your burning powers, O Great Eye of Ra, destroy my worries and all harm that may come to me. Keep me and mine safe from this pandemic, this virus that engulfs the world.”
  • Offer up a prayer for all affected by the disease, such as This Brilliant One


I hope this was useful ❤  If you are suffering from something particular and want a prayer or ideas on how to cope with it spiritually, feel free to message me (I can send it to you privately) @

flowers on opened book
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