Anxiety tips for COVID 19, Spiritually Speaking

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What with the sudden influx of people checking out my mental illness posts, I took a wild guess that people were reaching out for help. So, behold! I’ve decided to put together some self-help tips that try and take into consideration our limitations due to the pandemic. I mainly focused upon anxiety and worry, as it seems that’s what most people are dealing with in these trying times.

  • smudge/burn incense that is purifying and banishing of all negative energy. I am particularly prone to burning cinnamon (yes, the spice). Just pile it into a little pyramid (no bigger than an inch tall or wide, otherwise it might be too much heat for your holder), and light with a match.
  • Do a guided meditation (like this one) where you visualize yourself giving up all your worries to your favorite spirit.
    • Sit down comfortably. Close your eyes and relax. Or cry a little bit, that’s okay too. But whatever you do, relax and let your emotions come bubbling up to the surface. Feel them, hold them. Place your hands on your chest and try and, stretching your hands forward, visualize yourself taking these worries as tangible objects out of your chest and holding them out. Now, pray to a healing deity (my thoughts go to Bast or Sekhmet for this one). Ask them to take your worries away, to heal them and guide you through this pandemic safely.
      • The prayer can go something lie “I pray to you, O Great Sekhmet. Here are my worries, my inner plague. Please erase them from me, leaving me wiser and calmer. Let me, by your guiding grace, pass through this pandemic unharmed.”
    • After this, clap your hands and dust them off away from yourself. They are now empty and your worries are symbolically gone. Rest, focusing on feelings of rejuvenation and calmness.
  • Paint a Dagaz rune on your scarf/mask to help keep the virus out. You can use consecrated water to trace it invisibly as well.
  • Meditate on ice, Isa rune, to calm down and help you reach stillness. Visualize the rune in your chest, wherever you feel your worry the most. Breathe it in and feel it filling you, swelling and cooling down your worry. Exhale and feel it absorbing your worries and transforming them into cold calm.
  • Write down on a piece of paper a list of all things that are worrying you about this pandemic. Light a candle to Sekhmet or your favorite deity (simply say “I devote this candle to ___, to function as a channel of true speech between us” as you light it, or use your favorite invocation), and light the paper with the candle. Allow it to burn as you pray for her powers to destroy not only your worries but all harm that may come to you through this pandemic.
    • Prayer could go something like this. “O Great Sekhmet, here is a list of all that worries me, all that I fear. Please, with your burning powers, O Great Eye of Ra, destroy my worries and all harm that may come to me. Keep me and mine safe from this pandemic, this virus that engulfs the world.”
  • Offer up a prayer for all affected by the disease, such as This Brilliant One


I hope this was useful ❤  If you are suffering from something particular and want a prayer or ideas on how to cope with it spiritually, feel free to message me (I can send it to you privately) @

flowers on opened book
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UGH! So, i decided to be a good lil’ blogger today and connect out there with some lesser-known blogs. Because, you know, social networking and all that. Getting my story out there to people so that, maybe, eventually, I can make a small living out of my writing.

Well, do I regret that, or do I regret that?

So I searched for novel on wordpress, and found a fellow author also doing serial posts of their novels. Well, I thought I might as well give it a read. Find out what other peoples are doing out there in the world.

It was a good albeit a little long read. So I commented happily that, yeah, I liked the story and would like to read more. And then I thought, hey, why not see who this author is and read more about them? And oooh, they have thousands of followers! Maybe I can learn a trick or two. Barf.

One of their latest posts, however, caught my eye. In short, after reading it in utter disbelief, this author was ranting about how ‘obvious’ it was that this whole COVID- 19 thing was a scam by people who worked for China. Not just that (because, apparently that made sense?) they were raving about the ‘damage’ that social distancing and shutting down work places would do to the economy and people in general.

Like, wow. Okay, first thing first, people are literally dying from this stupid fucking virus. Have a heart. Second, the fact that your economy is about to blow up is not because social distancing is bad -> It’s because your leaders don’t give a shit about you like they’re supposed to. Here, in Canada, businesses and self-employed people have volleys of funding and resources being made just to help us through this. Why? Because our people give a rat’s ass about each other.

Maybe, just maybe, if your stupid-ass fucking leaders gave half a shit about you people, they’d be doing something to financially support the average citizen. Here, they are putting the homeless in shelters to keep them from getting sick. Because, yes, people are getting sick and dying. It’s not just media hype. I know nurses and no, our hospitals aren’t empty. They’re fucking overflowing and we’re running out of material.

Next! I decided to read this author’s about section. Well, the jewels that I found were not exactly in their ‘about’ section, but close enough, on a similar page I found.

And oh myyyy, as George Takei would say. This person has an evil boner against SJW (social justice warriors who most often are just trying to make the world a better and safer and more inclusive space), and stories that ‘beat people over the head with message’.

Y’all, okay, but, WTF are you writing about if there’s no message or meaning? This author was part of a group of authors who wrote without ‘message’. Like, what, are you mad that we now have representation of minorities? Or the gender diversity? Get a reality check, dumbass, we’ve always been here, and always will be. We go all the way back to ANCIENT FUCKING EGYPT. Get over it yourself!

I just – I am so fucking mad. This dumbass not only believes that the virus is a ‘scam’, but that socialism is dumb, and that stories shouldn’t express values or have agendas. Y’all, stories have ALWAYS had agendas. The hunchback of Notre Dame? Written to save the fucking cathedral. People write for reasons, for meaning, and it is the meaning and message that gives the story value.

But this author probably has no idea about any of this because they’ve got their head up their ass. And they’ve got over a thousand little ‘yes-men’ bobbing along with them, agreeing with them. Keep your stupid-ass followers. Keep them far away from me. I’ll sit over here and hoard mine, who aren’t ass-hats.

I’m just so disappointed in this person, as an author and fellow human. I just – no. So mad. So so mad. Ugh.

Peace y’all, and don’t catch the stupid.