Fairy Colouring Book ~ Coming Soon!

It’s not a mystery, but I haven’t talked about it enough! I am making a colouring book based off the Farfadel series, mainly about fairies, fantasy, and happy cute things!

Set in the gorgeous lands of Farfadel, surrounded by flowers and happiness, this colouring book is shaping up to be exactly what I had planned it to be – cute and flowery.

I have to say, I am super proud of how it’s coming along so far. The images are up to snuff (in my humble opinion) for a colouring book. They’re cute and adorable, and that’s what I wanted for this book.

When will this book be coming out? Really soon! I personally want to kick it off on the start of spring, so in March, hopefully! It should be feasible, as I have only *drumroll* nine images left to draw up and format! Yes, Nine! That’s not a huge amount, and personal happenings aside, I should be able to make that in the coming month!

But there is one thing I haven’t prepared… and that is the promotion of my adorable coloring book. How do I get this baby out there into the world? Anyone up for a book blog tour? Do those even work? Should I inundate Instagram with clips of my pictures? Facebook? Someone give me some advice, haha, I’m terrible at this part of the process!

I hope you all are doing well ❤

Farfadel Coloring Book Update

As I work on the upcoming Farfadelian coloring book, there is so much thought that is happening behind the scenes. Every picture makes me think of this elements’ role in Farfadel, how those elements are at play in the world, and what I am trying to represent of it.

Often, I find myself thinking of the magic, of the cuteness, and the gentleness I am trying to portray. But there are other serious things at play, especially when drawing out the fairies, namely the skin color and gender of fairies.

Skin color is a topic that is very sensitive for me. I feel that, as a white person, I have to be particularly conscious of my usage of it. But also, as someone with dear relatives who are black, I want them to be able to see themselves in my stories, if they were ever to read them. I am also always a bit worried on this topic, as I feel that no matter how much I try, I will never know enough. Which, I think, is a fact. Some things we just can’t grasp properly because they are outside of our field of experience.

So, in short, I’ve decided to make the fairies of Farfadel with a variety of skin colors and hair types. Obviously, as this is a coloring book and my style of drawing isn’t hyper-realistic or even that realistic, the skin color is mercifully largely out of my hands. Eye shape is … well … eye shaped? I like to think that they are enough basically ‘eye’ shaped that everyone will be able to resonate with them. And the hair… I’m trying to include tight curls as well as smooth hair types. And really, I think that’s about all I can do to be inclusive in this way.

Now, as for the gender of the fairies… I feel a little baffled. Fairies always struck me as very feminine, female- presenting even. I even began to wonder if the fairies of Farfadel were all women, point blank. Now, while drawing out the coloring book, I have come across some more masculine-shaped fairies, but they all share the same playful and rather feminine vibes. This has led to me drawing what I think are some transgender fairies! How exciting!

Which, then, leads me to another character who has been featured closely in the Farfadel books who is, actually, trans. And I don’t mean Shadow! Another character in the series is trans, and they will soon be the subject of an epic romance that I will be writing – as soon as I finish the trilogy I am working on!

So, yes, not this upcoming trilogy, but the next one, will have another transgender romance! EEEE! I’m so excited for it!

And that, lovely peoples, are my thoughts of today. I hope you all are well! Take care ❤

GiveAway Begins!

Hey everyone! The Giveaway for the TwoLoveBirds account is LIVE! What does this mean?

  1. This giveaway is not affiliated with anyone like Facebook, Instagram, or WordPress in anyway.
  2. This giveaway will last until the 23 of July (so a little more than a week), when I will do the draw of the three winners from a hat.
  3. There will be three winners drawn in total across all platforms.
  4. The second and third prizes will be revealed during the week, but the first prize is the children’s pagan activity book that I made!
  5. To enter the Giveaway, you must follow me on some sort of social media, and comment on the giveaway announcement post by tagging three people. So if you are on Facebook, you must tag three people on my Facebook post that announces the giveaway. If you are on WordPress, same thing, but on this post.
  6. I wish you all the best of luck! If you want to see more giveaways from me in the future -> Participate!

Finally! Picture stuff!

bella pencil script

I’m seemingly always struggling with the dilemma between traditional mediums and digital art. Well today I figured out a way to really bring my colors through when scanning them! And, of course, I had to go a little haywire digitally with it. So be-hold  my latest picture, featuring Bella, with Chaos’ notes about her. (For those of you who are visually impaired, the ‘notes’ are scribbles of ‘that bitch’, ‘evil’, and exclamation marks with big red arrows pointing to Bella).

I really like this picture! I was inspired to draw it a few days ago, and the sketch gave me the idea that Bella may try and steal Jade and Aaliyah to her side of the story. So that’s the reason for her very smug and sneaky look.

I hope you all enjoyed it! Feel free to share it if you’d like. Remember, if ever you feel inspired to draw my characters, it’d make me squeal!

My Coloring Book is OUT!

It is! My coloring book is officially ready to be colored in, courtesy of Amazon and coffee (haha!).

This cute lil coloring book features 25 pagan pictures celebrating the season of Yule. They are printed on only one side of each page, so that there won’t be any bleeding through the paper/smudging of colors.yule snow1.jpeg

I am so so excited for this coloring book, and really appreciate any and all support that you show. Share about it, repost, or even buy a copy for a fellow pagan!

Thank you one and all for your support and encouragement ❤ it means the world to me.

Confusion and Coloring Pages!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let y’all know that there was some confusion on Adelaide and Shadow’s story -> It was missing two chapters around five and seven! I’ve fixed it, so it should read smooth(er) this time around! Expect more chapters to be coming soon!

As for an update, hmmm. How have I been? Tired, mainly. Very tired. I haven’t been getting around well to things I should be, and so the lag is tiring me. But I’m hoping that after this long weekend I’ll be back on my feet and be able to kick butt and finish my projects! ‘m working on a fanfiction that I’m posting on AO3, a Farfadel novel, and Chaos’ novel, all at the same time as I’m doing some life projects! Go, me! I’m also trying to up my social media presence on instagram and draw more… I’m just trying to do more I think y’all.

I’ve also been rather depressed lately about the progress I’m making as an author. The problem isn’t with my writing (though sometimes I do beat myself up for that as well), but rather with the social networking part. A huge part of how I define my success is how well I connect with my audience and how well they perceive what I want from my story. I know I can’t expect zillions of comments but… I feel like I’m not succeeding in this aspect. I’ve been telling myself that it’s only normal not to have that big of an audience, but, you know, there’s friends I know who are WAY more successful with their FIRST BOOK. Ugh. I am genuinely happy for them but it’s a reflection of how I’m failing, I feel. Anyways, it’s something to work on I suppose.

Oh, also! In case none of you have noticed, I’ve added Colouring Pages to my blog. It’s basically the lineart for my pictures, and I figured it would be awesome to see some of y’all color them in, and posting coloring pages has been a project I’ve wanted to do since the beginning of Farfadel! I’d be immensely flattered too if you did color them in, of course, and would love to know which is your favourite Farfadelian picture! rescan rohtua.jpeg

Jungian Self-Care Tips

Hello, world.

Lately I’ve been having dreams of people taking care of me. No matter the dreams, it somehow turns to people taking time out to seriously care for me in rather therapeutic ways. It feels wholesome. I like to think it’s a sign that my guiding gods are putting in some elbow grease into my health. Or that I’m getting better.

Speaking of getting better (and dreams, because who’s the master of dreams and dream-ology?!) let’s talk about Jung. Here, ladies and gentlemen (fwoosh-ah! Glitter everywhere!) is some Jungian inspired self-care tips! Why? Well, because I had a dream that I woke from telling myself that I should share some Jungian self-care tips. And no, I’m not even joking.

Lest I go down in history as the one Wiccan who does not like Jungian theories, let me just say that I like Jung- just not his followers/how people interpreted him per se. Also, I’m not a firm believer of his. But that doesn’t mean the man wasn’t on to a thing or two.

So here, without further ado (Hell, let’s make more ado! Glitter! Glitter! Glitter!) is 5 Jungian inspired self-care tips.

  1. Mandalas. Jung advised coloring mandalas as a substitute for meditation. Jung was intensely into the symbolism of mandalas, and he thought that coloring them in would help a person tremendously. Also- Draw your own mandalas. Jung drew mandalas every day as a self-introspection method.
  2. Having trouble with a problem? Ask for a dream to give you the answer. Jung did this multiple times, and (at least in the little bit of him that I’ve read) would recommend people ask for a dream to solve the questions they brought to him. So write down a question and sleep on it (literally. Shove that itty bit of paper under your pillow.).
  3. Reflect on your dreams – especially if you just asked for an answer.
  4. Write it down- journal! Keep a dream journal, journal of your inner thoughts, etc. whatever you find tells more about your inner workings.
  5. Take a moment to self-reflect on yourself in relation to myth. What mythical character/figure would you be if you were one? Now, reflect on what this says about you, your individual story, what your strengths are, etc.

Also, while we’re in the sharing mood- here’s some music I’ve been listening to (cough cough, obsessing over). Because guess who has a lovely gamer wife? Haha, me! Guess who knows all the fan-theories and symbolism behind FFVII? HAH! I have a bachelor’s in religion. I could write a god-damned essay on the symbolism of Sephiroth in relation to Jewish mythology. But nevermind a mild Sephiroth obsession (Dat Hair!). Here is some nice music.