Copies are IN!!!

Wow, that was fast! It was four days early! Also delivered by a probably gay man, so bonus points!

Anyways, I’m so so excited! Both books have their flaws that I’m only seeing now, but hey, that’s life right?

So what does this mean? It means I now have to seriously plan out my giveaway rules and launch the whole thing, within the next three days (I gave myself that limit). During that week, I want to keep posting about the book, doing a social media blitz. Which will definitely be taxing and tiring on me, so I need to be cautious about how much I do. But! Its exciting! And fun!

The only downer, really, is that the image quality on the Farfadel novel cover isnt what I hoped for. It’s a bit dull looking. And as for the activity book, there are tiny dots within some of the pictures! Eeek! I never noticed them (probably because my computer screen is dusty) but that’s definitely not up to par for what I hoped. But besides that… they’re everything I dreamed of. They’re almost perfect. So I officially pat myself on the back for that. 😊

Anyways, stay tuned for both giveaways (there will be two!) and general gushing about my novels!

Blaaargh ~ Still not Feeling Well and Children’s Activities Book

So I’ve been trying to write and keep my chin above water. It hasn’t been going well. I saw my social worker recently and that helped, but, yeah, no writing has been happening.

It’s not like I’m in crisis mode, so please dont worry. I’m just… not so well. Everything feels monumentous. I do my basic chores, and feel I have no energy left. I’m easily obsessed with the need to “work” and get “stuff done”, which has left me overworking on a particular project -> that of a pagan childrens activity book.

Now, this book is aimed at kindergarten level children. It will feature a bit of math, some coloring pages, some word puzzles, and more. But absolutely everything will be pagan or nature themed. From the word choices to the pictures, everything is pagan/earth centric.

Now, of course, this book features my very own “twolovebirds” birds as the main characters, featured in almost all the activities and accompanying the children through the book. They will be shown in ritual gear, worshipping, and engaging with nature.

Do I think I’ll make a ton of money selling this book? Fuck no. I doubt it’ll sell at all. Honestly, I’d be shocked if more than 5 copies get sold. But, it’s something I really want to do. I’m insanely proud of every little part of this book, and consider it to be quite an accomplishment. It’s teaching me a lot about formatting and it’s pretty fun, when I’m not obsessing over “getting it done”.

Overall, I really wished I had a bit more of a grip lately. I’ve been dropping in and out of my schedule due to lack of energy. I really wish I was capable of doing some awesome networking/sales pitching for my books. But hey. Not everything is perfect.

A quick sketch/practice!

The TwoLoveBirds Project Lives Again!

Hey everyone! I’ve been a bit silent here lately (when am I not, haha? I seem to go through fits of silence pretty regularly) but I’ve got a happy reason for that!

The TwoLoveBirds project has found itself a new direction, and lives again!

What do I mean? What is the TwoLoveBirds project?

Well, originally, the TwoLoveBirds was a random bunch of comics meant to be avatars for me and my wife for our writings. Then that writing project fell apart, and they became just comics. Now however, I’ve decided to go into children’s writing, specifically pagan children’s writing! So behold, I am making TwoLoveBirds a children’s book series.

So, as this blog isn’t very children-friendly, I have decided to make another blog, a hub for all things TwoLoveBirds. I hope you will follow along there, and be as excited for the books as I myself am! These books, albeit meant for pagan families, can just as much be enjoyed by adults as by children alike. And really, if you want to color the pictures, please do! I’d love to see them colored in by someone other than myself!

So if you have children, want to support a pagan author, or just like picture books, then don’t worry! My ebook will be up for pre-order very soon, along with the hard copy!

Stay tuned for updates!

birdie apples .jpeg