A Quick Detail…

If you have eagle eyes, you might have noticed that there was something a little odd to Kyrie’s chapter 1 part 1. Namely, Kyrie referred to themselves and Aaliyah as being ‘dirty-looking’.

This was meant to be a phrase that others applied to them, which would have bothered the main characters. So when Kyrie commented about this in their description of Aaliyah, it was meant to be a ‘this is what others say about us’, not a ‘I think this’, kind of situation.

Anywhichways, upon revision, I found it poorly done and have just taken it out completely. I’m really sorry if this upset anyone. I really, truly apologize. It was poorly done, and I should have caught it faster.

Wishing you all the best of days ❤


Y’all are going to have a good laugh at this one. An apology is really due – I just realized that my ‘contact form’ emails were NOT going to my email but rather, to some other, almost unattainable part of my website. I just tripped upon that spot now, and am not quite sure how to get there again. For real.

So FYI, if you’ve ever sent me an email, I’ve tried and answered people that I’m not actively in other contact with, but sheesh! I’m so so so sorry! I never meant to ignore anyone! I know how crappy it can be to try and get an answer from someone and how shitty it can feel to be ignored, and I never meant to do that to anyone!

So really, to anyone who tried to reach out to me, I’m so so sorry. My apologies.

Seriously, if you want to get ahold of me, email me straight at mdaoust245@gmail.com AND drop a comment on some post. Just say ‘I messaged you’ and I will double check my spam spots and everything and HUNT DOWN that email. Or I will tell you to send it again.

Anyways, I am, again, so sorry.