All Hail the Fire Lady!

She’s the occasional kidnapper, occasional heroine, but more than often always fiery – It’s the Fire Lady of Farfadel!

Why yes, her magnificence has now graced the page in … watercolor? What an odd medium for her!

All joking aside, I’m super pleased with how this painting came out. The Fire Lady is one of my most beloved characters in Farfadel (I would get messages from reader friends like “IT’S THE FIRE LADY!” when they finally met her in the pages), and I feel like I managed to capture her changeling personality in this piece. It may not be perfect, there are certainly technical errors in it, but I am allowing myself to be pleased!

But who is the Fire Lady? As I said, occasional kidnapper, occasional heroine. A friend of mine suggested ‘chaotic neutral’ and I find that suits her perfectly!

In a more technical sense, the Fire Lady is the youngest of the Great Ladies at the time of the ‘Tale of Two Queens’ and the ‘Tale of Adelaide and Shadow’. She was an apprentice to the Great Lady of the Mountains, but caused sufficient havoc to become her own Ladyship. How exactly she gained that title is still disputed, and has yet to be written.

So that means there is much mystery to her still! How did she romance her beloved Oracle? Why is she always fighting with the Fairy chief? And why oh why does she not hand out magical goats any more?

So much mystery! So much left to discover! And I am SO pleased to say that I am working on a trilogy of Farfadelian shenanigans with her -> her eminence the Fire Lady <- at the center of it. She isn’t the main character, but her character arc fuels the plotline like a gasoline trail. But maybe one day I shall write a tale with her as the main character! That would certainly be fun. Maybe a whirlwind romance, a tale that is tugging at my mind lately…

Anyways, I will return to painting portraits of my characters. I wish you all the best! Fellow writers: do you have any chaotic characters? Do your readers like them? Do you?


  1. She looks awesome! I love your choice of colors for her clothes, especially the yellow.

    My chaotic character would be Queen Preyuna of the fey. She is capable of being truly horrible, yet she has her moments where the reader (hopefully!) feels conflicted about how they feel about her. They’ll hate her and pity her at the same time.

    She’s also chaotic because you never can tell what she will do. She might be cruel or caring. She might do the right thing or choose to do the wrong thing. You just never can tell with her.


    1. Rohtua says:

      ooo Queen of the Fey! that does sound chaotic! Thanks for sharing, it sounds interesting! And thank you, i tried super hard on her coat! it was a struggle, haha!

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      1. You’re very welcome! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Side note: Sending you all sorts of love and hopes for happiness for this year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rohtua says:

      thank you! You as well! Take care 🙂

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