Writing a Book?

Yeah, I know, wow. The author wants to write ANOTHER book. But, hear me out here, this one would be about *drumroll* -> me.

Me, my story, my vulnerabilities, my lived experiences. My spiritual experiences. Now, my knee jerk reaction is that this seems incredibly selfish. After all, what I’ve gone through is not necessarily that interesting for anyone else than me. And besides, I have shit for memory. My memory is like a blended fruitcake that was then strained. Only chunks remain, and they ain’t sweet anymore.

But – would this be useful for me? Would this story help me heal? Would it force me to come to terms with things? I don’t know. I hope so. I feel – I don’t know. Having been told by my psychiatrist to get in tune with my emotions struck a chord in me. I’ve upped my medication, yes, but I want to up my inner game as well. I want to gain some inner strength.

So my question to you all is, have you done this before? Have any of you written out your experiences as a therapy, and shared it for others to read? How did that help you? Was it difficult? Did it really help, or was it just mush?

And finally, I’d like to ask you, my faithful readers, how you would like me to go about this? Would you like snippets posted here and on other sites? Or should I just focus on writing it all, then decide what to do with it? How would you go about writing a book about your life, especially if your brain is something like a mix of swiss cheese and apple pudding as far as memory retainment goes? What would you like to know about me? Ideas on what to focus on?

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  1. O.L.P. says:

    I wrote a column in my university newspaper about my gender transition. While it did win me an award, I found I often regretted being so public about such a personal, immediate journey because I would get invasive questions from people. Writing about experience in hindsight is potentially more fruitful, imo, because you can reflect on the times you had.

    I’ve read a few memoirs and autobiographies. Some writers skip writing about childhood to write about what adult themes interest them. Others like to cover their whole lives. You might enjoy reading the autobiography of gay neurologist Oliver Sacks. He wrote many science books for a general audience. (I have his book Hallucinations and it’s so well done.)

    I’ve tried writing bits and pieces of my darkest experiences but found it really painful to do! If I were to really try writing a memoir, I think it would be better NOT to jump in the deep end like that.


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