Inspiration and Drama

Now I know a lot of times, I write passionately about my dreams and how they are such sources of inspiration for me. But, when it comes to Circlet school, I’m afraid to say that no, I don’t need any extra weirdness to fuel the story. Maybe plot-wise, I will ask for inspiration some day, but that has yet to come.

As some of you know, I led a small coven/group for about exactly a year. It blew apart fantastically due to interpersonal conflict, but hey, it was experience. During this one year, I had a tutor, I tutored, and I tried to organize all sorts of local pagan activities. Which leads me to say -> we’ve got some real characters/scam artists in our ranks, peoples.

I know, I know. Not everyone’s cup of tea suits everyone else. And yet – I would just like it if paganism was a bit more organized, a bit more introspective, and a bit less party-focused. I would like it if a person who basically runs a scam shop of poorly researched courses wouldn’t be able to make a thriving living.

Now. I am not basing the characters in my novel off of anyone, let’s be clear here. But there are certain stereotypes that, unfortunately, run through the movement that I am indeed basing my characters off of. I have met and read about several people who suit these stereotypes, and wish they really would educate themselves and, I don’t know… get a deeper understanding of spirituality?

All that to say, that yes, most of the shenanigans in ‘Welcome to Circlet School’ are all very ‘realistic’. If you think someone can’t possibly say/do that… think again! There are just so many shades of ignorance out there that… gah!

Anyways, I’m going to not get all wound up about it. There are many fabulous things in paganism and Wicca, and I hope that I can bring that through in the story/series as well. Because yes, I’d love to make Circlet School into a fun series (I always do series, don’t I?). But first, let’s get through the first book!



  1. Amber Drake says:

    I love the story so far!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michael says:

      Yayyy!!! I’m so glad! I’ve been wondering if anyone likes it, so thanks for letting me know! 😊🥰😊🥰🧙‍♂️


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