Manifesting Abundance

What a load of bullcrap. I have a deep-seated loathing towards ‘manifestation maniacs’, inspired by my own struggle with my daily thoughts. But, as the craze of ‘The Secret’ came and went, I started to cool off my anger and recently, I thought, hey, it’s ok. Just chill, you know?

And then!

When I wasn’t well lately, I called a local pastor simply to have someone to talk to about my problems. Well, did I get that tea! Literally, he took the opportunity and preached at me for about half an hour to nearly an hour. It was exhausting, victim-blaming, but what stuck with me was his notion that once I converted to Christianity all my problems would vanish and I would live ‘in abundance’. In short, I would have so much money and worldly comforts and my life would be easy peasy because God loves us and wants our lives to be nice.

Well, uh. Uhm. Have you noticed all the starving pious Christians world-wide? Like, if this was a matter of faith, I’m sure lots more Christians would be better off.

But here’s a thing. I despise how this ‘manifestation’ stuff so closely resembles this pastor’s bullcrap. It shifts the focus of spirituality onto physical wealth, under the guise of ‘abundance’. It frames physical wealth as a reward for spiritual success, blaming the poor for not being ‘spiritual enough’.

This ‘abundance’ stuff is basically just a wish to get wealthy. And people sell it, preying off of poor unsuspecting people who don’t realize that their focus is being shifted. Yes, to a degree, we can make our own worlds. We can control our minds. But why don’t we wish for good spiritual qualities, manifesting ourselves as kind, gentle, and peaceful instead of simply… wealthy?

I leave you with a post on the topic that inspired me to write this: HERE



  1. *nods* I’ve carefully sought out queer open-minded pastors for when I need to talk about spiritual stuff. Actually, when I felt a calling from Lord Odin to be His priest, I talked to a gay minister about it and we had this awesome conversation about what it means to be called. Don’t give up hope on pastors because some of them out there are actually cool.
    also, re: manifestation. If we could all think or pray money into being, we’d all be super rich! Better to look for spiritual wealth: wisdom, compassion, kindness, etc.

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    1. Thanks for the advice! I do know one super cool pastor (or maybe two) so not all of them are evil haha. And yeah, we definitely would all be rolling in cash if manifestation worked/was easy.

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  2. Positive thinking works but you know, you gotta do stuff. You can’t sit on your ass and do nothing. My mom does that with her Christian praying, it’s so lazy and stupid and boring. You do nothing, you gain nothing. You have to actually live your life, sucks I know.

    New Age started that shit and it annoys me. They’re obviously not the only ones but it’s a cheap cop out. I also find it weird that both New Age and Christianity hate the material world, especially Christianity. We’re supposed to be more immaterial, yet then they make promises of wordly riches. My mom’s idea extends further, if she worships that petty god she believes in he’ll reward her in the afterlife with riches. So she looks forward to death. (Then later the fantasy evolves into being radical and looks like radical Islam.)

    I would much rather live in the real world, thankyouverymuch. Despite all it’s flaws it’s much more entertaining than a paradise for castrated sheep where there is nothingness. Or living a life so easy it’s boring in the material world.

    There’s so much more to life than money and whatnot. Not that I am not greedy because I am. But I actually try to do stuff.

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    1. “I also find it weird that both New Age and Christianity hate the material world, especially Christianity. We’re supposed to be more immaterial, yet then they make promises of wordly riches. ” Exactly! Well put!

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