I Might Need Some Help…

This is not a call for help… at least not a desperate one. I mean, I’m fine. Crazy, seeing funny things here and there, but fine. You see, as if being unhinged wasn’t enough, I’ve added another thing for myself to take care of.

A book.

No, not my fiction books. I’m going to write a non-fiction one. And for that, I need help. I have NO CLUE how to approach writing a non-fiction book. Like, I know how to do a research paper. But a book? How many sources do I need? How many people should I poll before making a statement? How just – how?

So that’s it. I’m looking for a publisher. I’m looking for people willing to be interviewed. I’m looking for help, largely, in this massive undertaking. Any advice, really, would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks y’all!


  1. I’m planning to do one too – eventually. So not experienced enough to give any really good advice but I’m keeping the same kind of references with my notes that I would with an academic paper- they can always be removed. aside from any publisher requirements it means I can go back and re-read source info.
    The rest, I guess partly depends on what it’s about and who your audience is. What books are similar ball park and how have they done it?
    From what I’ve looked up (no refs here just googling) professional editing if you can get it is super helpful and also learn how to do pitching as that will be totally different in style to your book writing.

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  2. Oh and good luck 😉

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    1. Michael says:

      Aww thanks ❤ Pitching my book is something I'm really not sure I'm prepared to do!


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