Happy New Year, Fuckers

I’m in a good mood. A seriously good one. I’m listening to Heilung , I just did some yoga flows from the minimeditatingdragon (who’s a friend of mine – go check out her stuff!) and I even have a new idea for a blog post. So, inspired from all this good juju, what do I have to talk about today?

My life. Of course. But how has my life been, in this past year? And what, oh what, will I do in the coming year?

This year has sucked and been marvellous all at the same time. What blows? My writing sales. Dammit, I’m a self-published author. I wrote erotica with my wife for a while, and I made a few sales, and thought that was bad. Then, this year, I’ve tried out my beloved novels.

Now that was bad.

Hint: don’t self-publish right before Christmas.

I even copied other authors and made a reading group where I was hoping to share goodies like bookmarks I designed. I couldn’t even get a like on the posts within it, except from my friend.


And then what? I LOST A BOOK. I FREAKING DID. I’ve been working on a non-fiction book about mental illness, and LOST IT. Figuring the gods didn’t want it to ever see the light of day, I gave up on that project.

But aside from the sucks, what went well? Well, I moved to a lovely little hole in the ground with trees outside my apartment. I’ve built up an instagram following and started a youtube channel where I do book reviews in an attempt at gaining some traction for my novels (also, free books and free rants? My cup of tea).

Also, after being denied hormones, I finally got the OK for vitamin T – and now just have to wait for my appointment.

Despite my terrible publishing sales, my writing has streaked up to a better position. I’ve got literally dozens of novels I’m working on, and my mental clarity is pretty good so I think my writing is good as a result of that. I’m satisfied with the freaky result at least.

So now what? What’s coming in the following year? Well, I’ve got an idea to reboot that non-fiction book and hack at it – maybe with the help of a professor or something. I also am thinking of shifting this blog to be my main blog and just working from here as my base. Because no matter what, this feels like my honest home base, the place where I get all my freaky and weird out.

On that note- rant over. Tell me your thoughts, plans, and failures of this past year – and let me know how you want the coming one to go!




  1. Varian says:

    This past year was both wonderful and absolutely sucked.

    I now have my associates degree in business! I’m super proud of myself for that, now comes just hunting (ugh.)

    I have a diagnosis for my mental health shit, but I’m side-eyeing it pretty heavily. I want a second opinion, because if this *was* a schizo-typical disorder, the voices wouldn’t have fucking vanished overnight like they did (no medication changes, nothing, just my therapist telling me that my alters–other “parts” of me–are delusions, and they all fled to the back of my head. Tbh I don’t blame them a bit.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Michael says:

      diagnoses are tricky things! They never seem to work when we need them to. I’m happy you (seem?) to be doing better! Wishing you luck in your job hunt!


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