Does No One Care?!

Alright, so I woke up today thinking it was going to be a restful day. And behold, here I am, sitting in the coldest room of my apartment (which is pretty cold) and angrily bashing away at my keyboard instead of luxuriating in a restful day.

Maybe my early morning anxiety attack was a preview of something all my fellow trans were waking up to.

Today was supposed to be such a restful day. Instead now I want to cry, and cry, and cry.

Not just because TRUMP IS MAYBE GOING TO STRIP AWAY TRANSGENDER RIGHTS but because …. no one is talking about it.

My social media feeds are silent. Filled with happy Samhain preparation stuff and witchy doo-dads.Where is the outrage? Where is the care?

No one seems to care. Sure, maybe we’ll get a funny quip on Stephen Colbert’s show. But will there be protests? Will there be any general motion to support us? Will we just be another drop in the metaphorical shit-bucket and NO ONE CARES?!

I keep repeating it, because yeah, I’m lucky. I’m a Canadian. I live in frenchified Quebec, land where things change slower than cold molasses in mid winter. But on a federal level? What if the sheer stupidity of the Trump motion wears off into Canada, and we have another dumb-fucked Trump as our next Prime Minister? I’m fucked. Yeah, fucked, in danger, and NO ONE SEEMS TO CARE.

Like, seriously, people? Do we just not matter enough to you? Are we just ‘too small’ and ‘noisy’ a minority? So it’s fun and all to watch RuPaul and watch drag queens and kings, but to support trans people is too much?

Where are the people knitting hats? Why no transgender hats? Why not call the bureaus now and give gory details about your periods to get them to stay away from our rights? No? Not for us? Fucking thank you.

And yeah, it’s pretty close to me because I can’t just be ‘it’s those other people out there’. It’s people I know that are supporting Trump. Close relatives who hoot and cheer his every action. So go fuck you all. You either help us fight this or you are not an ally. That’s it.

And maybe the history books won’t take notice and you’ll think it’s all blown over when it’s said and done, but we’ll remember. We’ll remember that when they came for us,you DID NOTHING.

Want to make me less pissed off? Talk about it. Write to your politicians and get other people to do it. Cause a fuckin’ stink. We’re humans too, you know! We deserve our rights! We get murdered enough now, don’t you think? Imagine what it’ll be like without any laws defending us!

Oh, and P.S.? All you ‘wiccan’ and ‘pagan’ and ‘love and lighters’ just go fuck straight off if you’re going to tell me to calm down. You worship peace and harmony and won’t help the people who, in many cultures, are symbols of divine power and channels? Just fuck off. Especially if you borrow from Native cultures, where the berdache were sometimes revered. Don’t worship us if you’re going to abandon us. Because what else is the balance between god and goddess in Wicca but transgender? And now you abandon us? Thanks.


  1. Yewtree says:

    Well said!

    I did see a post about it from G B Marian, In the Desert of Set, and I also did a post about it yesterday.

    And yes, may the gods help us all if Maxime Bernier or Andrew Scheer get elected.

    We’ve already got terminal douchebag Drug Fraud in Ontario, trying to do away with trans-inclusive sex ed and prevent teaching about the TRC.

    I care because I’m genderqueer and bisexual — but yeah I bet it’s not on any cisgender or straight people’s radar.

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    1. Michael says:

      yes i can’t believe what’s happening in ontario! Itsounds like a nightmare! I’m so glad tobe in my little backwaters part of Quebec, though they are now trying to ban religious symbols like the hijab in public servants but don’t seem to be anti LGBT so at least that? The world is such a mess right now…


      1. Yewtree says:

        Yeah it’s worrying about the hijab ban, a lot of people could lose their jobs.

        Really hope they don’t start on LGBT people… but we should all stand up for Muslims on the Niemöller principle ( “First they came for the ….”)

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      2. Michael says:

        Yes indeed! As someone who has some muslim friends (in the US) who choose to cover, it makes me very worried. They should be allowed to cover!

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  2. desertcurmudgeon says:

    A few of us still care. Keep positive and don’t let the bastards get you down.

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    1. Michael says:

      Aww thanks<3 It's good to see you're still lurking around on the web! Do you have a new blog or something?

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