An Author’s Take on Writers

Are we all dumb-fucks or what? Since joining Instagram, I feel like my brain has been flooded with stupidity. Now don’t get me wrong, some indie authors out there are brilliant, and kind, and just plain full of awesome.

But then there’s stupid twigs that go around posting things like “women, when treated properly, are naturally submissive’.

Like, u dumb branch, u ain’t met NONE of the women I know, o-kay?

And then they’re all posting like, hmmm, do you pants or do you plot your novel? And,… that just gets to me. Because, as I have posted on another profile I blog on… I consider writing to be a spiritual process. A book is good if it is alive. If you feel you’re connecting to some alternate dimension and retelling what’s happening there -> that’s a real story.

Am I potentially crazy? Yeah, clinically. But you fuckin’ know what? When I was young, I believed in my novels. That’s what prevented me from committing suicide. So now, I owe a debt to those characters for having kept me alive. In every sense to me, they feel real and alive. I believe they exist in some dimension. Somewhere, out there, I’m telling someone’s story.

Is it literally their story or an allegory? Who knows? One day I read a summary for a Stephen King novel and it so much resembled parts of my childhood that I freaked. That novel was my life (at least in parts and premise). And that’s a thing I’ve always wondered if Stephen King was aware of. Does he realize that he’s writing people’s lives? Or is he not aware of this?

But you know what? I don’t know if it’s because I’ve only met neuro-normative authors on Instagram or what, but authors don’t seem prepared for these kind of conversations. Authors don’t seem willing to deal with writers who wake up inspired from actual sleep dreams with novels in their heads. Authors don’t seem at all ready to cope with the deeper questions of authorship and working with spirits and dreams to form novels. And this really frustrates me.

I get so frustrated about the poor quality of authors and their social justice narratives, their not-so-feminist values, and their terribly lacking esoteric perspectives. Just- where is the depth? This is a group of people that I’m a part of, a group that I’ve long considered to be torch-bearers in a world of darkness and… instead I feel surrounded by clamoring idiots. It’s like expecting a series of wise angels to radiate down and instead you get a medieval mob with torches.

So you know what? Maybe, I dunno, I’ll start this Instagram game over again and find some real people to connect with. Maybe I’ll just blog here for a bit as a relief. But either way, if any of you are curious and want something fun and light to read, hit me up. I got the goods y’all. Contrary to how depressing I can be, I cheer myself up by being a dork. So my writing is a blend of Terry Pratchett and Tolkien as I’ve been told.


  1. gloriaellegabrie says:

    Eloquently written in plain English. 👍🏼

    My guy can remember his dreams and it’s some off the wall stuff…but I either seldom dream or don’t remember very many…so I have to depend on my imagination. Thankfully, I have one. 😁

    Thanks for the share and enlightening insight. Much enjoyed.

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    1. Michael says:

      Aww, thanks for such kind words. I look forward to reading your writing!


  2. I hear you! And yes, I believe Stephen King totally recognizes this other world in his writing. My characters are real to me, and hopefully to my readers, rare as they appear to be. We are very closely connected to Spirit, but as you saw in my recent blog post, the real (social media) world does get us down with its unrealistic demands and perceptions. Keep on doing what you do, and we will battle through together.

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    1. Michael says:

      ❤ thank you so much for the encouragement! It's so nice to find other authors who share similar view points.


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