Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! I feel first that I have to apologize for being away for so long. I’ve been good, I’ve been bad, but I’ve rarely been that glorious phase in between. Right now, I am doing better – and will hopefully be making vegetarian sushi today!

But that is later! For now- Here I am! And what glorious things do I have to speak with you about?

Well, I have this series I’m working on about transgendered beings and magic within the Wiccan framework. But I think that’ll wait for another day. Because first, I had this idea I feel like putting out there.

What if we stop thinking of hallucinations as being a spiritual thing?

Just – just wait for me here. This post is fueled by me (once again) trying to explain my symptoms to a dear friend, and once again being met with spiritual advice. In this case it went along the lines of ‘well I see things too!’ and they went gushing on about their spiritual experience.

As if hallucinating aliens is the same things as seeing auras.

Spoiler alert: it isn’t.

Why? Because it just isn’t. Both are non- physical sight, sure. But is non-physical sight a spiritual phenomenon? I would argue that no. I would argue that, instead, we ought to see non-physical sight as it’s own category of which spiritual phenomenon can be within.

So what does this mean? It means we have this lovely box-like category called ‘non-physical sight’ and within this box we have objects like ‘hallucination caused by psychiatric conditions’ and ‘hallucinations caused by drugs’ and ‘spiritual sight/third eye sight’ and then we could even have ‘visual tricks’ and other objects that I do not know of.

Are all these phenomenon spiritual? No! Only the spiritual ones are.

Now, just to add to the confusion, Divinities can use mundane objects to teach us spiritual lessons, just like how a hammer/blanket/cooking pot can become part of a spiritual lesson. But just because it gets used for a lesson does not mean it is, in and of itself, a spiritual phenomenon.

Am I clear? Does this make sense? Because, really, I am tired of having to explain to people the difference. So can we make this a thing? Can we share this, re-blog it or whatever? No, I’m not trying to get free publicity. I really, really, just am tired of symptoms of mental illness being taken as being these all meaning spiritual experiences. And NO, don’t you DARE tell me ‘well, you know, aliens do walk among us so bla bla maybe you were seeing something bla bla’. I will hit you with a frying pan (I’m joking, but please, respect my sense of discernment and my doctor’s diagnosis here).

On the upside, y’all, I now have this amazing psychiatrist! She is just so caring, listening, and careful to take the time to see me through this. For once, I have hope to get through this hump and get back to being a functional being! Maybe, who knows? Maybe one day I won’t be disabled any more!

Now that would be fabulous!

I hope you all have a great day and are you sticking to your new years’ resolutions? I am (cutting out sugar)!


  1. Good points. I wonder if perhaps such an experience having a lasting impact — one that involves spiritual motivation or epiphany that lingers long past the initial experience — can be a good gauge of whether something is truly spiritual or simply a misapprehension?

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    1. ohhh, interesting! I’m definitely going to investigate/meditate on that. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s such food for thought!

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