Hey y’all! I’m trying to keep myself in the roll of posting every so often, so here’s a quick post!

I have no honest idea where the SleepSafe Project idea came from, or how long it will go on for. It was a bubble in my mind when I was writing that blog post, and I just thought “hey! We with mental illnesses need our sleep and at least I don’t feel safe while sleeping so…SleepSafe!” and that’s how it started.

The SleepSafe concept is to provide tips, tricks, and advice that are aimed at helping the sufferer get a good night’s sleep, no matter their symptoms. So today (drumroll!) here is SleepSafe- the Wiccan version!

First and foremost, as a responsible little witch, you ought to

  • Try and determine the root cause of your troubles. Wicca is about knowing oneself! Is the influence interior (internalized trauma, unbalanced medication, childhood fears, etc) or is it exterior (bad vibes, unpleasant presences taking advantage of you, etc). This can be difficult to do. Easy ways to determine this would be with tarot cards, a pendulum, or runic readings. If finding clear answers to personal problems are difficult to you, I suggest to…
  • call upon deities of guidance. Ask them to help you find the truth in your situations and find solutions. You’ll never know what they bring up.

Now, if the influence is exterior, you could

  • work with magic barring these entities/influences from working on you. Protection shrines, amulets under the pillow, sleep sachets, runes in the window, etc.

However, what if they really are just a symptom of your mental illness? (Gasp! Imagine that! Having symptoms that affect you!) In this case, and in a traditionally ‘Wiccan’ sense, I would suggest calling upon deities such as (aside from your matron/patron, of course)

  • the crone for help with mysterious and dark troubles.
  • Or, if one is an adherent of the idea of the fourth phase of the moon/hidden fourth goddess in charge of mysteries and hidden things, one could simply put up a black frame for her.
  • Any deity regarding safety or mental illness that calls to you.

Furthermore, one could…

  • Cast a pentacle within which one sleeps (perhaps have it set up semi-permanently with elemental alters in the corners of the room) so one sleeps in a spiritually balanced space
  • perform rituals to balance one’s interior prior to sleeping with the express intent of eliminating nightmares
  • eat runic symbols (carved into bread, biscuits, etc) of balancing, healing, and of sleep (such as the svefnthorn, Birkana, etc)
  • cast a spell on your medication to have it help stop the nightmares
  • Basically, design spellcraft to control these forces within yourself.

Now, as a final point, in the previous SleepSafe post, I mentioned posting shrines or statues to overlook your bed to provide protection and a soothing presence. However, there is one snag.

Technically, in many traditions such as a variety of Mahayana Buddhist ones, statues of Deities are not placed near the bed, because the deities might see you do ‘shameful’ or ‘impure’ things, i.e., sex or masturbation. In tradition or even eclectic Wicca sex or masturbation and undressing for bed at night are not considered impure, so one ought not to worry when putting up Wiccan statues. However, one ought to take pause and think it through if your deities are from another tradition, especially one with eastern origins. So as the final point in this advice series

  • make sure your statue(s) doesn’t mind being in the bedroom. As a Wiccan, especially one that is eclectic or polytheist, you have a ton of responsibility to be respectful of the deities’ traditions, as they are living and sentient and may easily get offended (whereas an archetype would not).

And that’s it for now folks! Sleep well!