For many of us who struggle with mental illnesses, we have a special relationship with our bed. It’s the place to hide from the world and find comfort. It’s also the place to fight insomnia, nightmares, night terrors, and to struggle against horrific intrusive thoughts while trying to sleep.

Quite frankly, beds can become war zones between us and our symptoms. So here’s some tips on how to hopefully ease out the tensions in the bed. Or, for those of us (lucky bastards) who don’t suffer from nightmares, here’s how to make it even better.

Quasi-Spiritual Tip Regarding Beds and all their Accompanying Troubles: place spiritual/religious items under your pillow and around/in your bed.

How weird! How silly! But it works by creating a sense of spiritual protection and safety around your bed. Now, as a Wiccan I am obviously partial to elements such as Svenfthorns, purifying incenses, statues, etc. I will hopefully be continuing this ‘Sleep Safe’ theme, but from a more Wiccan and detailed point of view. But from a completely neutral perspective, how does this apply?

  • Place a purifying/protective element such as a rosary, Bible, cross, amulet, Svefnthorn, white sage or purifying incense, under your pillow or in the pillow case.
  • Place a protective statue or posters around your bed so it ‘watches over’ you while you’re sleeping. Keep a nightlight on so that if you wake up you can see them seeing you. This will let you know that you are being watched over, and will give you something peaceful to look at.
  • Place a dreamcatcher/ crystals that will ‘filter out’ bad dreams in the window.
  • If you tend to wake up from nightmares in a panic, keep rosaries/prayer beads within reach so that you can recite mantras/prayers of protection (will help calm your breathing and heartrate too).
  • Place a ‘sleepy’ scented sachet around/in your pillow. A little sachet of incense may also soothe you by reminding you of your deities
  • Place whatever feels good in your bed beside you. I currently sleep with my tarot cards beside me and I have no idea why.
  • Sleep with a weighted blanket or a blanket that has special meaning to you.
  • Keep a panic blanket on hand (don’t sleep with it!) in case you need it.

So for right now, that’s it. As I said, I will hopefully be continuing this as a project but for now, Sleep Safe peoples!