So today is the final day in the series of survival skills! I told myself I’d do seven, I have (ish) and now I’m hopefully going to be feelign good enough to get back to my regular discussions. So here it is! The grand finale! The tip to rule all tips!

Realness Tip: learn to talk the medication talk.

The what?! No, no, I’m not speaking about the self-defense speeches we have to spout out at relatives, complete strangers, and (cough) idiots who rant to us about the evils of medication. I’m talking about the real, gritty, and seemingly never-discussed facet of taking medication.

When two people on psychiatric medication get together- it’s just about all they fucking talk about.

And I mean it.

Consider it fashionistas talking about makeup and suddenly these phrases will make much more sense.

“Oh, I’ve heard great reviews about that one!”

“Oh, I really wanted to get on that one! So sad I couldn’t try it out.”

Y’all, this is how real conversations of mine go. And I’m no better. Symptoms, pill timing, bring it all on! Medication is the high heels in my functionality drag. I prance around in them. Without them, I wouldn’t have anything to stand on. I’m proud of my medication, to a flaw. Sometimes I feel like i’m running around with a pair of glittering green heels and shoving them in people’s faces saying “Look at my meds! I got them at the pharmacy! They were adjusted just for me! Aren’t they the best?!”

Because here’s the thing: medication is extremely private. It’s balanced and mixed and practically concocted just for each individual. Yet we often have no one to share our experiences with.

So when us ‘bozos’ get together….

“Oh my gawd, you’re on a baby dosage! My dosage is way higher! Haha!”

“Oh, my, look at your pill container! I want one Just Like That!”

I swear, I really do want a pill container like hers. It was leather, and beautiful, and stylish and and and…


So that’s my tip for anyone who is afraid of starting medication, or who has just started, or who is too shy to speak about it to others who are also on medication. Generally, people who take it are more than willing to talk about it and share their experiences and life tips concerning it.

And here’s the thing. The dialogue surrounding psychiatric medication in mainstream media is so negative, I would have never guessed that for the people who take it, it becomes so normalized yet personal that they squeal over it and giggle and laugh while talking about it.

So don’t be afraid of your drag, y’all. Wear it with style and don’t be afraid to share! What’s the funniest conversation you have had about your medication/side effects?