Today, my lovelies, was a great day. Some very important and private realizations were come to in the best of way, and it seems like the godz rewarded me very physically. I was literally showered with gifts. Needless to say I’m feeling very pampered and spoiled right now, as well as a little raw and fragile on the inside. Medically though, everything is fine, so all hail my doctor, and especially hail to the divinity(ies?) who got me my pills! (All hail! All hail! All hail!)

Now, today’s tip is simple, but I find myself skipping it every so often and therefore royally screwing up.

Basic tip of the day: set an alarm for your med times.

Eh, you say, that’s lame. But how about this?

Royal tip of ze day: Set an alarm for your medication with your medication’s theme song.

A what?

You know. The song that you feel represents you struggle with your mental illness vis-a-vis your medication (or via your medication perhaps?). Y’all got one, right?

I had my theme song the first night I took this bout of medication. I had to. It was such an intense moment I was practically in tears and couldn’t get myself to take the dreaded (EEEVIL and non-spiritual and oh so bad for you and medico-satanical) pills. So I put a song on that motivated me and it became my ‘medication theme song’. O-of course I had just watched Zootopia so …. That’s my theme song.

Oh how corny.

But you know what? Whenever I feel down about my (not so evil and not so bad for you and especially not medico-satanical) medication, I listen to that song. It reminds me of how far I’ve come, my goals, and what I’m aiming for.

So why not make medication taking time a reminder of that? Why don’t we reclaim the often shameful act of taking taboo medication and make it an empowering moment of reflection? And if you’re like me and there’s people around that ogle at your pills, take it as a moment to PREACH! YASSSS! Shamelessly take those pills in their faces! Talk about the effects! Ask them for that glass of water!

Hahaha. Or you could just take your pills. That’s up to you.

Any funny medication time stories out there? What are y’all’s theme songs (and if you don’t have one yet, get one and tell us about it!)?