Another day, another night, and potentially more episodes of RuPaul’s Drag race to binge on Netflix! Wheee!

I’m still functional y’all. This is not a life-time record, but definitely a recent record. Two days of competency in a row! I feel like I deserve a medal. Or that my doctor deserves a medal. Either way- what fabulous treat of information do I have for you today?

Well, let me see. This one is influenced by a friend, by my wife, and by (drumroll) my own ve-ery terrible sense of fashion.

Pro Tip (because my friend who told me this is really a pro at appearing formal and demanding quality service): have a jacket/ coat that looks classy, and a pre-‘normal person’ – approved ‘looks good’ outfit .

Wait, whaat? Am I telling you what to wear? Well, maybe, yes. You see, people treat you very much based on how you appear. And when it comes to medical, government, and professional services, you want to be treated well. And sadly, my friend noticed a huge difference in her treatment when she simply wore a classy trenchcoat over her normal shirt and skirt. I’m not even joking y’all. I’ve tried this tip too (in my own gawkishly unfashionable way) and it holds true. I’ve even let my wife (who has an impeccable sense of fashion) dress me, and received very polite and respectful service.

So here’s the thing. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, most of us don’t have the energy to pull off fashionable and classy outfits. If you’re like me, your sense of style resembles a gothic hobo. We basically want to walk around in something that will make us feel like we’re still in bed, or something that will shield us from the world. Hence, the hoodies and sweatpants. Unfortunately, if you look like you actually are sick, people will treat you like shit instead of trying to be kind.

However, a shirt is a shirt. A ‘classy and socially acceptable’ one will take just as much energy to put on as a dumpy and paint spattered one. I promise that if you already have that outfit selected (by a person with a ‘normal’ sense of style’) and labelled ‘looks good’ in the back of the closet (because you sure as hell won’t usually wear it) you can just slap it on and walk off and be respected. Same thing for the trenchcoat – but remember to check if it’s actually trenchcoat weather. Don’t do like me and hide in hoodies all summer. You’ll just look weird.

So! Anyone else have tips to share? Awkward wardrobe adventures? Are you enjoying the tips? Leave a comment y’all!