Now today’s post is…. fuelled by new medication (WHOOHOOOOOO!) So pardon if it is strange but I’m feeling great.


What survival skill do I have for y’all today? Well, friends (or friendly relatives!), my friends. When you start on the road of recovery, you will (hopefully and eventually) find others that have similar conditions. This may take time. Myself, it took a ton of random coincidences and Supernatural AKF shirts to meet people. But it will happen (especially if you are vocal about surviving a mental illness). And among these friends, you will feel comfortable and able to share certain things.

So here’s the tip: make a sort of mental checklist of who you can say what to.

Some friends will be the ones who may not understand but who will come over and do your dishes. Others will be the ones to call to help talk you out of a dark spot. Still others will be the staunch voice of reason who will strictly tell you ‘get your ass to the doctor’. And some people (like me!) will be the person to call whenever you need food served to you.

It helps to keep them all clear in your head. Why? So when you get altered (like meeeeee right now) you don’t accidentally traumatize someone/cause strife or discomfort in your relationships. This happened to me recently. I was speaking to a dear relative and spoke about a hallucination I’d had. Of course they were worried and even though they took it graciously it maybe wasn’t something that they were prepared for. And I wasn’t prepared for causing that person such stress. And though it went well, my attempt at sharing and finding someone to joke with ultimately backfired. It caused everyone more stress instead of being the happy joke it was intended to be

So it doesn’t have to be a physical list. But just keep in mind who you can joke with about what. Because yes, some day you will get better, and you will be able to joke (at least a little) about your symptoms. Hopefully.

Wishing y’all the best! Blessed be!

P.S. anyone else have any awkward stories about sharing too much, too weirdly, or whatnot? Funny ones especially!