Now today, Ladies and Gentlemen, was supposed to be a fasting day for Ganesh. It promptly began with me accidentally eating breakfast. After some gentle input by my dearly beloved wife, I realized that I was too sick to fast today. Damn. In fact, I ended up eating a TON of sweets today. Like this ice cream topped with caramel and whipped cream with maraschino cherries and sprinkles. Did I mention Ganesh likes treats? Right. All hail Ganesh!

Sorry for the blurry picture

So what is the life skill for today? Uhm, let me see. What would encompass going out to eat (being socially active!), getting your meds adjusted (surviving a doctor’s meeting! -> which is pretty considerable considering that doctors/medical institutions are one of the main sources of discrimination for those with mental illness), and eating sugar?

I don’t know.

But I’m going to be lazy and rely upon the last tip my friend gave me (Gasp! I’ll have to get original after today!). Aaaaand, drumroll please!

Dry shampoo.

Come on, we all have those days(sssss) we don’t shower. But the thing is, even if the idea of showering is exhausting and can bring you to tears, you can still be fabulous (and get out, have a social life, and eat ice cream [see? this relates!]). All thanks to the invention of dry shampoo (according to my friend) and baby wipes (according to me). Dry shampoo for glorious hair, baby wipes for a fabulous body. And voila! Insta-showers! (Alright, we all know it’s not a real shower, but hey. It’s a quick fix to be able to pass socially and – most importantly – feel good)