Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a little update on what’s been going on in my life. This past weekend I attended a lovely Reiki class by the very talented Lucie Gauthier from Maitre de Synthese. She did (what I believe to be) a wonderful teaching session complete with wisdom, a great atmosphere, and plenty of great tips and techniques.

Now, what does this have to do with our daily programming?

Well, I had multiple episodes over the course of this two day class. The low-key anxiety ones passed with tears shed, but Lucie was fabulous and helped me reground and heal throughout. Then came… a big signal. Lightning got up and for the first time went to try and signal to others while I was on the table being healed and thereby out of her reach.

I immediately felt that this signal was different. It wasn’t an anxiety episode so much as a psychotic one. So hey, I told myself, let’s see what happens. I was in the middle of being healed and in an intense state of relaxation. Maybe it would just pass on its own. Maybe, as with my anxiety, the healing would make it stop.

So I lay back on the table and let myself be healed. Then my turn to heal them came.

Instantly a resounding ‘NO’ came to me as I went to ground my practice partner. Still, being stubborn, I tried. But nothing was working. Instead of easily visualizing/seeing the person’s roots, all I saw was jagged shapes. The ‘NO’ was quite resounding, and I simply felt no energy coming down upon me to heal. I had to sign to Lucie that I couldn’t do it. I had to stop. It was a light crash, but it was enough to completely shut off my psychic skills that had been working well for the past day.

After some more mood swings, I was sent home. As I rested outside in the shade of some trees, Lucie came to see me. She insisted that as I was sick I needed to take things in stride.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the crux of my blog today. If you’re skimming, just read this: a Reiki Master and teacher/Channeller and medium acknowledged the existence of a mental illness.

Despite being relaxed, surrounded by healers, and in the safest and most understanding environment, the episode came on. My speech slurred, my logic slipped and I was slowly tugged away into the disfunctional abyss. It was a mercifully mild episode, but it was one nonetheless. Impressively, even for this lightness it majorly impacted my psychic functioning. And despite my anxiety having easily been soothed by healing hands previously, this felt unstoppable.

Conclusion? Mental illness is a real illness. It is not all anxiety and emotions. It is a real, tangible, and very difficult to stop switch in the head. It also heavily impacts our psychic abilities. I was honestly devastated and intrigued by how much it affected mine. I am definitely going to be testing how much my anxiety and psychosis affects my psychic powers, and how much (if such a thing can be measured in any way!).

On a closing note I’d like to wish everyone a happy Sankashti Chaturthi! I am very thankful to have been doing well enough to fast today (save for some coffee to stabilize my mood and some accidentally nibbled carrots while cooking). For anyone who does not know, Sankashti Chaturthi is the fourth day after a full moon and it is devoted to Ganesh. As I am just starting out on my new Reiki path, I thought it would be fitting to celebrate it with Ganesh.

Blessed Be, everyone!