One thing I am very open about on this blog and that I will repeat over and over again is that I used to be anti-medication, and that perspective was extremely damaging for me. Now that I am taking medication I am learning more and more about the prejudices I was taught to believe about psychiatric medication. One of these is that medication is ‘unnatural’ and that it has no place in spirituality, much less in witchcraft.

Well, I disagree. I feel that many witches and neo-pagans are glad to use modern tools to their advantage and within a spiritual practice, so why not our medication? I believe it can simply be another tool. And here, without further ado, is my perspective on how to incorporate your medication into your spiritual practice.

  • Where do you put your pills? I used to put mine in the kitchen around the spices. It was like they were something hidden, useless, and just shoved somewhere. Now, I place them on the shrine so that good vibes can be infused into them, and that they are well aligned with the will of my deities.

    Place your pills in a sacred area to infuse them with magic, positive energy, and the will of your deities
  • Try cleansing your medication. Everyone knows psychiatric medication comes from factories, gets shipped, and thereby gets handled by many many people. Furthermore, one may even say that with all the discrimination against medication, this can inadvertently imbue them with negative energy. Burn sage, cinnamon, or other purifying herbs around your pill pots to usher away this negativity.

    Cleanse your medication with incense, prayers, etc.
  • Place crystals, prayer beads, or other significant objects around your pill pots. I place a special crystal over my pill organizer. Another idea would be to pray on prayer beads for healing and success, then wrap them around the pot to imbue the pills with the healing intent.

    Place crystals around or on your pills and recite prayers for healing and harmony on prayer beads, then wrap them around your pill containers.
  • Make taking your pills a sacred act of self-care. Honor yourself, give thanks for the medication, honor the deity/elements you see as being associated with your medication, and maybe say some positive affirmation or prayers as you take them. I have begun saying “with these pills I balance my mind, body and soul” as I take mine. I find this extremely effective to counter the many negative ideas and preconceptions that have been ingrained in us about our medication. I consider it a subversive act of self-healing. I know that a positive outlook greatly helps mental health (not illness) and so I try really hard to fight against the guilt for being mentally ill. So for me, this is a majorly important step.
  •  Incorporate your medication into spellcraft. I have a crushed up pill that I am just dying to use in a spell bottle for creativity. Find out your correspondences, what you feel the pill represents, and use it in a ritual as you would any other symbolic item. I feel that as medication affects everyone uniquely and often deeply, a person’s medications will have potent and very important representations/symbols in a person’s spellwork.
    Incorporate your medication into spellcraft (behold my terrible crystal grid)

    Do you have any special rituals/practices regarding your psychiatric medication? Let me know!