Lately, while being hazed out on my medication, I suddenly had a revelation. Why not bewitch my medication? Why not fill it with intent?

In order to incorporate my medication into witchcraft and rituals, I began contemplating what elemental correspondences psychiatric medication may have. Of course this will vary from individual to individual as psychiatric medication is very very personal, but here is how I see the elements as present in my medication.

Air: the ones that affect my focus, concentration, logic, and cognitive skills

Water: those that affect my emotions

Fire: those that affect my ‘will’ and passion.

Earth: those that have a ‘grounding’ aspect of medication that lowers anxiety levels

Of course, at least for me, no pills really fit entirely into one unique elemental slot. Rather, I feel like my medications are a complex balance of elemental correspondences.

Now, at this stage, I feel there is something to be addressed. Because they are not ‘natural’, how can something human-made (in a factory!) be associated with elements? Myself, I have wondered this while excitedly thinking of the correspondences of my medication. But then I thought: We have deities for technological advancement, deities for medicine and healing. Who is to say that these medication aren’t divinely inspired by them? We ascribe genders, planetary correspondences and emotions to plants and crystals, but also to human-made objects like swords and cauldrons. If a lump of cast iron shaped by human knowledge can have aspects and powers, then something crafted after the juices of our brains and which was first discovered in nature, in mollusks, and which affects our very perception of reality should have the right to be given elemental correspondences. Serotonin, dopamine, etc, these are crafted after nature. They can be seen as a potent blend of nature’s craft and human’s craft mixed together.

Or, as I like to argue and believe, they can be seen as a manifestation of certain deities. Much like certain deities rule over cauldrons, certain herbs, etc, I would argue that deities of intellect, science, and technological advancements as well as healing can be ascribed to psychiatric medication. I personally feel like one of my close deities (who I shall not name) is very intricately linked with psychiatric medication. They seem to pride themselves on it.

I will keep this post short and end this here. Hopefully, if I stay on track, I will soon be able to share my ideas with y’all on how to incorporate your medication into witchcraft!

So with all this in mind, what are your thoughts on this? What elements/correspondences do you feel your medication(s) are aligned with? Any planetary ideas?