I just checked today, and it has been over a week since my last post. What?! How did that happen? Well, as someone who wanted to stick to a strict posting of at least once a week in order to lay my thoughts ‘out there’ and iron out my ideas, I feel like I let myself down. And we all know what happens then… excuses! Haha, so here is me justifying my absence (though I really know I don’t have to, it’ll make me feel better).

So where have I been? Well, I have been crafting. I volunteered to help host a local bake sale at a local esoteric event and OMG – my anxiety shot through the roof. It was SO HARD in the days leading up to it. But I managed, and as they say, I emerged stronger. And more socialized. And, well, hopefully with just a little more people skills and a little less agoraphobia. We shall see.

Right after that, I had a change in my medication (approved by my doctor, yes yes!) and so… I’ve been flat on my back, baked out of my mind. Heh. I have to admit, it has been a cocktail of giggles one minute and depression the next.

The upside of all this, is that while I am still struggling I am overall far more functional than before I started my medication adventure. So despite not being all that well, I have still been able to craft. And, because I feel there isn’t enough Wiccan or polytheist crafts out there on the internet…

Behold my creations!

Upcycled sparkly bags with gold ribbon!

My latest Embroidery Project- A Future Altar Cloth!
A miniature card box for the miniature cards I rescued and hand-painted!

Have a good day everyone. Hopefully I will be able to get back to posting regularly soon. Love and light, and many blessings!

P.S. -> Happy IDAHOT day!!! [International day against homophobia and transphobia. Y’all, I try not to be political but I am a Canadian and check out what Trudeau has done! An LGBTQ+ advisor! It’s a first. I may not be very politically savvy, but as an LGBT person myself, I think that’s great.]