My heart reaches out to anyone in the states right now. The repealing of Obamacare, the passing of ‘license to discriminate’ (in any form whatsoever should never be happening from what I’ve understood), these are all things that will definitely cause harm. As a member of the LGBTQ+ umbrella with friends and loved ones in the States, I am worried for them. I am furious that something like this could happen. I am anxious about the millions who will be without the basic needs of healthcare insurance. I am frustrated and overwhelmed.

I find it ridiculously ironic that while I write pieces to post and consider the values of ‘non-harming’ a bill like this gets passed. So much harm is going to be caused! In my perspective, this is the most un-Wiccan thing anyone could do. I strongly encourage anyone with non-harming beliefs or anyone who considers themselves a polytheist, wiccan, or neo-pagan to do all they can to oppose these new discriminatory and damaging legislations that are happening. It is never too late to oppose tyranny. Write letters, call, defend your fellows! Non-action is harm, people!

To all those who are a mess of anger and frustration because of these new laws- I wish you love and light. Take care of each other ❤