It is Friday and there is so much editing to do! One of the most difficult things I’ve encountered so far through this blog (aside from the all-important colour choices LOL) is how to narrate an experience of mental illness ‘properly’. But is there even such a thing? In my mind, I want this to be perfect. I want it to ‘correct’ and ‘nice’ and not ‘mean’. But mental illness is messy. Our experiences are messy, and what strikes one person as authentic may not be the same for another. Myself, I have decided to write what I’ve experienced, but in a positive and personal lens. I do want to bring in academic and critical thinking and analysis. But at the same time, my experiences are only my own and they are so personal… to admit otherwise would feel false. To try too hard to make it ‘perfect’ and sanitize it would take away from what makes it valid and authentic- to me. Which is really the only perspective I can offer anyone.

Anyways, that’s my blurb/thought bubble of today as I keep on writing!